Ingress tracks and remixes! - Let's talk about the Ingress Sound Design! Share your original Trax!

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Hi, I'm Agent CrystaTech from Japan!

I guess a lot of people play Ingress with the music turned off. So do I, because the traffic is nasty here so it is not safe not being able to hear cars/bicycles/etc bass by. But at late night, when there is not much traffic, I turn on the Scanner background drone and the sound effects and listen to them with my headphones while playing. It's very nice, and it's kind of tranquilizing and tripping. I almost got high several times with the Ingress Scanner soundscape and sound effects 🤪 Are there anyone love/interested in the Ingress sound design like I do?

I'll miss Redacted soundscape so much when it's gone ☹️ I like both Redacted and Prime soundscapes, but sometimes the high-pitch noise in Prime sounds kind of busy and bit distracting though. So it would be nice if I can turn it on and off.

I sampled a lot of sound effects (mostly from Redacted, because in Prime, currently it is almost impossible to separately record sound effects and the background) and made some electronic music tracks with them which I would love to share 😊 They are on Bandcamp and free to download. (I did all the artworks too.)

"Scanner Ops"

It's my first Ingress song. It's a techno-style track. I guess not many people noticed, but it was played at Darsana Prime Tokyo official after party. I used *A LOT* of the sound effects from Redacted. I like Ultra Strike sound effect a lot. If you miss Redacted sound in the future, please listen to this song!

"Welcome to Ingress, Agent."

A down-tempo, Bass music style track, kind of. I wanted to use some of the samples from Prime, especially voice samples. I found Prime's soundscape is somewhat more dramatic and melodious than Redacted's. Redacted's soundscape is plain and very machine-like. (It's hard to explain music stuff you know...) I love them both anyway 😉

"XM Anomaly Battlefield (Short Edit)"

A bit symphonic and classical style piece, but with a 170 bpm Gabba kick drum 😎 It was played at Abaddon Prime Amsterdam official after party. It features a mix quartet choir but all the members are me 😛 Lyrics are "For the glorious victory, the mighty force is leading us. Fire, capture, deploy quick! Keep moving and hack hack hack!"

"ADA Visits Japan"

A house track featuring the Japanese version of ADA. The traditional Japanese musical instruments (taiko, shakuhachi, and shamisen) and Changgo (Korean drum) were sampled from the real stuff, and re-constructed on the sampler. Is that true that we have only English and Japanese version ADA? In the song, it's repeatedly saying "Portal link, and field established" in Japanese.

"XM Anomaly Battlefield (Extended)"

I was asked by my team leader at Abaddon Prime Amsterdam to make a longer version of XM Anomaly Battlefield so they could play it during the Anomaly. It's 8 minutes long with very minimum breakdowns to make them keep going. Insane. The short breakdown, the only breakdown is inspired from one of the episodes of Ingress The Animation. By the way, Virus (Redacted) is one of my favorite Ingress sound effect.

Please share your Ingress tracks, and let's talk about the Ingress sound design! Prime's sound design got some complex hidden coolness I think, and I'm trying to find out what it is! And I'm going to record Redacted's sounds before it's gone 😭unless Niantic decides to make a soundtrack or something (I would totally buy one).

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