Mission progress: Hacks seem to fail to register, no advancement to next waypoint

clojurianclojurian ✭✭✭
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When attempting any mission, current version seems to randomly get "stuck" on portal (About 1 in 5 hacks).

Restarting the scanner sometimes helps, but not always.

Switching to redacted and hacking the next portal is also a workaround, as this seems to force prime to update.

Ingress Prime Version: 2.31.2

OS Version: Android 9


  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    @clojurian they do register, the bug isnt with them registering more with how its updating the mission list and the next portal indicator.

    The only place that it shows as being done is on the little waypoint counter box on the main screen of the scanner.

    The actual mission list with tick marks and next portal indicator wont change at all but it does register.

    Believe me I spent about 20 mins last week in Saffy restarting and trying to do one of your missions before noticing the waypoint had increased and it was working, despite most of the scanner saying it wasnt

  • @Theisman Yep, it does "register" (as you can tell if you switch back to redacted), but visually it appears not to, so same effect.

    I hadn't noticed it increasing in the menu as you've highlighted though, good spot!

  • It happened to me a few times.

    Ending the mission with Redacted was a workaround.

  • Your workaround will stop working on 30/9...

    I reported this bug few days ago (on next day after Prime came out)... Doing missions is not possible on Prime at the moment...

  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭✭

    The bug is triggered when something else but the map screen is shown while the mission objective is achieved. So, if you open a portal screen or enter Burster mode while waiting for the hack to register, this will happen. Also sometime when doing a glyph hacking and not closing the glyph hack screen fast enough,

    Workaround: Don't glyph hack and don't do anything else while waiting for your mission hack to register.

  • I has the problem this weekend, glyph hacking wouldn’t register as hack and block the progress. I had to reboot the app and hack again to progress.

  • This is not the only bug concerning Missions and Banners: apart from the app freezing every now and then, your targets are numbered from 0. to N-1. (see the image posted in this thread), while the mission advance status numbers your progress from 1 to N... A good way to add confusion.

    Moreover, if the mission has concealed targets, they are revealed as soon as you look at the mission

    In the end, if the waypoint has a passphrase, it is shown truncated.

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