Theory on Nemesis's Origin & Motives

This is an idea that just clicked in my head, I need to look into it more but in theory it's something I feel I should throw out here, see if someone sees something I don't.

Ok, we are in a collective of multiverses, our specific multiverse group is the Osiris Node, every multiverse branching from this node. We are in the Prime universe, the main universe of our node. If we were to compare all of this to a tree, our universe is the stump & trunck, with the Osiris Node consisting of every main branch coming directly off our trunk, not diverged enough to be unreachable or influenced, but branched enough to clearly not be us.

Now, what if a storm hit this universal tree, exotic matter. Storms bring rain which nourishes the tree, but if a storm is too strong it can stress it, and make branches fall or break. Exotic matter has done ALLOT already, it's a safe guess it can destroy entire multiverse if concentrated in ill-favor.

What if...Nemesis was part of a branch, maybe not directly from the Osiris Node, but certainly in our multiverse tree analogy. What if exotic matter, this storm that nourishes us, broke their multiverse branch, their home. They see exotic matter as something to erradicate, if a branch fell & caused damage or harm to you, you try to prevent it. My theory is since we are Prime, the origin universe, they seek to destroy XM here and in our branches, the Osiris node, so when the xm reaches their branch again, the xm would be gone, their branch living & thriving.

I could be completely wrong, I was gone for 4 years after Obsidion & been back 3 weeks...but this just clicked in my head as I was explaining the lore to a friend starting out in the game, thought I'd leave this here & have expert thinkers see how viable it is


  • During Epiphany night we mused if we were participating in a domino-like chain reaction of XM shuttling itself from node to node.

    We are not the origin universe, but its possible that Nemesis is either: The precurser universal node that caused 1218's Epiphany night event, or seeing how Hank 1218 interacted with Stuart LIghtner, an known Nemesis agent to those of us active on Essex, and who has threatened a few of us directly with sharding, the 1218's NIA.

    HJ 1218 thought he was talking to Osiris, not 1218. But many agents are from 1218... so not sure how we ended up in Osiris. In my case it was probably my involvement with epiphany night during Navarro. There is a badge on my scanner that reads 'passed through the passage to Osiris' .

  • @AstralDreamer1 Maybe the badge from Navarro event was for helping to "open the passage to Osiris", which may have, involuntarily, taken all sensitives into the Osiris node.

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