Ingress Prime 2.31.2 Release Notes



  • copy to clipboard stats suck. Bring back full screenshots please.

  • This is the best update since the one that fixed the player arrow being stuck facing one direction. Great work. Also, Im really glad the old AP meter for next level progress was put back. even though its just a progress bar, the one prime used before was useless for seeing how far you are from next level at a glance.

  • I HATE ingress Prime. Sure you can rename capsules. Yeah good. I renamed mine, closed the app and they had all gone back to default. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. If you have vision problems you cannot work out easily what is what. My ingress days are no longer enjoyable. Probably the end for me. I have played it since just after its inception and I am an older woman. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 👹

  • AkceptorUAAkceptorUA ✭✭✭✭
    1. Navigate to portal
    2. Grey portals are still badly visible ...
  • I have this problem with the latest version. The cm bar blink white during any animation

  • I found the solution: this is a tutorial not finished issue. I restart the tutorial for a mistake and then this problem came out. if you end the tutorial return to normal activity

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've noticed since I've started using Prime more and more lately, that the app itself will lockup and crash after about 30 minutes of straight glyphing and recharging portals, no matter if portals are near you or not near you. I know in the past it was advised there was a memory leak or something else that was causing the app to crash when recharging a bunch of portals.

    We have Sharts coming up, and I was trying to keep portals alive from keys I had randomly gotten passed off to me recently, but sheesh, crashing every 30 min or so?

  • Open the game again and let it load, the names will still be there

  • This update was great, but I'm ready for the next one. Please fix hacking in Prime. Missions are nearly impossible in Prime.

    Hack the portal, or you thought you did

    No credit for hacking the portal

    Try to hack again, portal needs 300s to cool down.

    HOW are we so close to losing Redacted with critical failures on routine actions?

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Great step in the right direction, however:

    • linking issue (skip too fast and the link possibility disappears and you have to exit the screen and try again, needs to be reliable)
    • hacking issue (when glyphing entering command makes the whole thing hangs)
    • Gaussian blur (the blur around the scanner, please please please remove it, along with the animations that appear when you press buttons, it adds to motion sickness)
    • visibility, the portal visibility still needs work. (low level/uncaptured can be hard to see)
    • make the map a little brighter (when the pulse appears, it's a lot better, maybe make it like that all the time, with an even brighter pulse)
    • make xm brighter (and white? quality is also quite low, it looks better on redacted)
    • resonator visibility has improved, but still disappears too often, make the "lines" and resonators show a little more prominent
    • resonator distance to portal, there was a graphic displaying resonator distance, where did it go?
    • capsule management button disappears, restart required to get it back
    • mods sometimes get stuck, when linking it hovers in the middle
    • link screen bug, sometimes you get to a screen where you see a line of a possible link, but all other ui elements disappear, only way to get it back is restart.

  • iamCristYeiamCristYe ✭✭
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  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    For any developers reading complaints about gaussian blur and thinking 'but we don't have a gaussian blur on anything', from my experience with video effects, users tend call everything that makes things harder to see a 'gaussian blur', in this case it's the simulated chromatic aberration we don't like.

    For players reading this... I would explain the difference to you, but the forum won't let me post pictures. Google 'chromatic aberration' if you're interested.

  • Whenever I want to push a portal key into my target using Android, although I long-push and slide my finger on the button, it dissapears before I release it and does make the hack without the key. The previous version fixed this, but it is bugged again. Since it will make me to avoid playing the game until it is fixed, will Niantic do something about this?

  • I like the touch. It makes the scanner feel like it's got something unsettling about it, but I can understand why it would be nauseating. They need to add graphics options to settings with options to turn this stuff off IMO.

  • Really hope this is fixed soon, it's a incredibly frustrating.

  • Are portal edits really working? I have made a local edit using prime. I got:

    Thanks for submitting an Ingress Portal edit suggestion; our player community reviewed all Agents’ proposed edits for this Portal (including yours) and we have implemented those that improve its overall quality.


    Submission Date: Sep 15, 2019

    (-15.644016, -47.800838)

    ID: 9l2xV2lRHptkxNGxMgljWtQaYNohSO5YIernINuo4Dk=

    But the portal didn't change at all, and it remains, near the street, away from it's real location. The question is:

    Is this a problem with editing portals using prime, or OPR reviwers?

  • This simply means the OPR reviewers agreed that the previous location is more correct than your suggested location.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for clarifying. Whatever it's called, the effect that makes things blurry around the edge of the scanner needs to go. :P

  • Is there a way to use the "copy stats to clipboard" to upload to Grid?

  • edited September 2019
    1. Copy stats to clipboard
    2. Launch The Grid app
    3. Log in if necessary
    4. Tap the 2 horizontal lines (upper left)
    5. Select "Update score"
    6. Select "Prime" tab
    7. Paste score into "Score Data from Scanner"
    8. Tap "Upload Score" button (bottom of page)

    I believe they're working on an easier method, but the above works for now.

  • I hope that for the next update fix the problems of linking facebook / opr. I am already level 13, and for creating my account through facebook, I do not have access to that function.

    Nor can I create missions because my account is not recognized ....

  • That is unrelated to the scanner.

    It's an OPR issue, nothing the scanner devs can do anything about

  • It would be nice if the new long press hack had a glyph option, along with the key and non-key options.

    1. After latest release my battery dies twice faster than usual.
    2. Still had issue when i turn off my screen, when i power it back, and return to game, got softban, game for a moment show old location, and then immediately show my "new location" With a HUGE softban.. Thanks i still had redacted, to successfully deploy portal.
    3. Still sometimes inital sequence got stuck, and need to repeat over and over.
    4. Still no Navigate to button.
    5. I can't get rid of a key, by taping on a key within portal view.
    6. Had really huge fps drop on my iPad air.

    At least all this problems keeps me warm at coming winter. My pocket got warmth by my dying battery. My back warmth by another initial sequence stuck.

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    I can confirm the battery problem and softlock problem (iPhone X, iOS 12.4.1), my phone gets very hot playing the game, which is made worse by the need to have my display at maximum brightness in order to see things.

    At one point yesterday I was recharging my phone while driving my car. I had to keep Ingress running to avoid softlock, and I can report the charger was barely able to add electricity as fast as the phone was consuming it. With the heat from charging added to the screen brightness and Ingress battery drain, I actually had to resort to wedging the phone in an aircon vent to stop it becoming too hot to touch!

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