Inquiry about Glyph Bonus

Do high glyph bonus points give us better items? I believe it is random, but my friend, Mix-san, insists that it gives better results.


  • Only God knows.

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    A fast correct sequence or slow one give same bonus.

    The faster you do the sequence the more ap you get.

  • Wolfieke123Wolfieke123 ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    A glyphed a lvl 1 portal some days ago and got a Jarvis and ito - from it. It s all rng.

  • Basically, it seems the faster and more accurately you glyph, the higher amount of bonus items you receive, But WHAT you get as the bonus items is subject to a "roll of the dice" so to speak. Sometimes you get cool stuff, sometimes you don't. It's random.

    Try it yourself. Deliberately muff a glyph, and you generally only get a few items and no bonus. Get the glyph perfectly, and you see bonus items. Then try going fast or slow and compare the number of bonus items you get.. the number should be in proportion to your speed bonus.

  • my thinking is that the bonus % for speed and accuracy just increases the odds of of better drop rate on items. similar to the attack bonus. it doesn't guarantee you're gonna knock that Aegis off with one US, but it tips the odds further in your favor. sometimes i nail a 5 glyph with 60%+ speed and the items dropped are no better than a tap hack. other times, the bonuses will be far more gracious

  • I understand. Thank you so much for the great explanations. I try to glyph as fast as my finger wears out.

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