Avenir Shard Event



  • Great news! Now I can quit the game without remorse. Anyway, I can’t play Prime. I have dizziness from blurry screen edges.

  • #shardsforlife

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    I thought it will be the worst announcement...

  • It doesn't have to start in WV though, who knows, it could start on the East coast and need carried to a West coast goal portal, we could have a hand in linking it over the mountains. ;)

  • Usually hold my tongue in public about events and rules NIA push, and find it somewhat enjoyable to follow and see how they unfold.

    But this one is just pointless. X-fac shards???? An joint effort in moving keys, not much more. Some cleaning of lanes, but where is the challenge in that, when there is "no" opposition? Some pot-head must have run the show during summer vacation at the offices and come up with this.

    I'll still keep my eye on it, none the less. May even pull some strings or make myself somewhat available if needed. Not the regular ones, as faction "secrets" will not be compromised for this abomination of an event. But a sideways glance. Pros and cons for success/defeat is not making a huge impact either.

    One thing tho, that WILL make a huge impact for me; it'll be a challenge to avoid that ugly medal and still be able to keep the farm up. Lots of cubes to farm before Tuesday to be able to recharge it all through those two weeks without hacking a single portal. And thus close to no AP for two weeks without regular play....

    Thank you for nothing, was my reaction after the initial anticipation of "SHARDS" had worn off and the actual task was understood. I'm sidelined for the rest of September. Cubes donated are welcome. If we loose, I might get back some AP due to heavier farming to get cubes to compensate for extra decay, but other than that, nothing.....

  • I knew if they kept changing the rules enough eventually they would finally figure out a way, it's almost brilliant with its simplicity team up with green we can help you win some shards. I currently don't know the real time preparation efforts for the Omaha area, what I do know is that Omaha green are always hungry for shards. I'm sure we have three or four well-planned extraction plans, always ready if needed! #OmahaOwls

  • How do we know this won't be at least a much fun since we haven't tried? We should all give it a chance.

  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's there already some place where global things can be organised?

  • Looking forward to it. Bring it on, Avenir!

  • I mean, I am. The field test medal NOT being ugly was a giant tease, since you had to sign up through Prime... but I fully expect this medal to be ugly, so I've stopped hacking. Didn't look up the time difference to see if [redacted] shuts down before the Hack-for-Ugly-Medal window ends, but I just figured it was another slap in the face to people who prefer the aesthetic of [redacted] and the older medals. Now I just have to use up my gear without hacking.

    To be fair, I'll install Prime again, try it for a couple days, probably still get nauseous. likely barf, and then retire.

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    This is crazy.

    In fact, Niantic is now turning agents of the same faction against each other. "We will unite with the opposite faction and will score shards", and "We are against xf shards and will interfere."

    "Who I am with? With those of my faction friends, who will score xf shards, or with those, who will withstand them?"

    I love "big game" and coordination among agents, and I love driving for 200-300km to do something useful for my faction. I love team work and very big fields. And shards. But not xf.

    This time I will not participate, because I can't choose my site.

    Couldn't be worse.

    Earlier at least it was clear against whom we were fighting.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Nemesis is our new enemy now, not the opposite faction that we have always had all years.. and now that redacted is soon closing and Nemesis maybe will be a future bigger threat that both factions must fight against at? who knows... lol

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    Someone should make a list of all those saying they are retiring from the game because of this event, so we could check in a few weeks if they really did. 😂

    If I don't like the event I will continue playing as if nothing is happening and perhaps the actions of those playing shards will give me the opportunity of getting more AP or whatever. Or perhaps the shards will all be away from me and all will be the same as usual.

    We may also enjoy the event. We don't know if it's going to be fun or not since it is the first time it happens.

    In the end it's just a game

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    The first shards and destinations have appeared on the intel map.

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  • Target Portals: Milan, Oklahoma City, Tainan City (Taiwan) eand Asunción (Paraguay)

    Shards: Philadelphia, Bucharest, Sapporo

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    Fun to watch, but unless a shard end up in my field, it doesn't change my game plan for the next two weeks

  • MirthmakerMirthmaker ✭✭✭✭

    Is there a way to follow the bouncing shard?

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    I just checked Philadelphia. Kind of cool watching them clear a lane (my first shard event). Some people are throwing up blocking fields in the lane as it is being cleared, so there is someone playing goalie for now

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    I thought the jump was at 9:00 pm local time in Phily. Is that not right?

  • First jump isn't until 40 minutes from now.

  • Is there a jump window or should they jump exactly as scheduled?

  • thesolothesolo ✭✭✭✭✭

    We got our link up, over 80 km, and the shard did not jump.

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