An open letter to Niantic



  • Currently Prime is not playable at all (Redacted works for which reason ever). I mean right now @15:46 CEST. Not sure if it is because of field tests or if there is something else... but if the situation at the anomaly in October will be the same then Niantic you may expect to receive the claims for financial loss. Travel costs, hotel and so on.

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    Thank you @Claudija . This sums up everything, sadly they have fallen on deaf ears. 😭

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    For all those commenting about how it's Ingress players who create the POI database -- while that was true in the past, Pokestop creation is rolling out to more and more countries.

    Of course, PoGo players can't see all the POI that aren't Pokestops, so I imagine they are submitting a lot of dupes, but in the long run they will be doing the bulk of the additions.

  • Does PoGo also have OPR to evaluate these submissions? It's a two-step system after all.

  • Not having access to Pogo submissions I'm curious: do these go into OPR? I have two concerns.

    1) You'll get tons of bad submissions; I can imagine kids submitting every bedroom, bus stop, and school in existence.

    2) Rhetorical question: who does OPR if not Ingress players? Do the Pogo players who send in submissions actually take time to review?

  • Pogo submissions go into opr the same as ingress.

    Only, currently, ingress players are able to access opr - and even then, many ingress players are unable (prime only players mainly from what I gather, so they didn't have accounts able to access redacted).

    It's quite possible Nia will open opr, or something similar, to pogo players etc, and make ingress players redundant in this aspect.

    As it stands though, it's only in ingress agents and Nia that review portals.

  • Thank you @Claudija

  • True, why spend money on a venue that could potentially cost more to a loss and make little use if it. (for my area)

  • Claudija, thank you for posting this extremely well written rebuttal to Niantic's latest stupidity. As local agents at one of the anomaly sites, my husband and I are reconsidering our participation.

    What Niantic has done here is known as a bait and switch, which is illegal under California and United States law.

  • i agree completely

  • Well Said @Claudija

    Totally Agree...

  • This is truely right. They are turning the game into pay to win, people who have money to spend on it will participate and get their points and work counted during the day of the anomaly and people who can't are helpless. Loved the format and the way you have put all the scenarios and placed your point.

  • If they plan to monetise the game like this then I guess we can also demand monetary rewards. They should pay wages to all founders, POCs for getting valuable data based on which they were able to build what it is today. I guess this makes a point for my exit if they do not come to their senses. Invested enough valuable time already.

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    Yeah, but there are already free tickets. And people that bought a ticket get 2 paid tickets to give away.

    Oh please. Like they weren't making money of it before. It's still a free game, expecting compensation for creating the game you love is kind of silly isn't it? Do you really expect them to pay out cash to people that helped the game? You seriously can't be that narrow minded.

  • I agree with everything stated in the original post. Just adding a thought here...

    If you are making anomalies ticketed, please don't make PoCs do all the hard ground work like organizing clearances with local governments, law enforcement etc while you guys just make a pay day out of it since those clearances often require money to be paid which varies depending on the country and city. It's not a fair way to treat anyone who works so hard for your game just out of love for it. Please compensate them for their hard work by giving them a flat percentage of your ticket earnings of the anomaly after the event to acknowledge their hard work without which an anomaly cannot happen because Ingress events are not about scanner apps and servers. It will probably be more expensive for you guys to do the ground work yourself.

  • +

  • It seems it is fallen of ingress.

  • I wish there was a way to tell which are ingress, and which are pogo.

  • Thank you @Claudija

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    Why? so you can automatically 1* the nominations from Pokemon Go?

  • You can half the time.

    Either it's placed on a house, or it's a duplicate.

  • +1

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