Field Test Thoughts

So today I was lucky enough to just have 4 hours of trains/buses to reach the field test.

I used ingress prime for a great majority until Ingress Prime decided everyone around was to be glitched out. By this point I was already #1 for Artifacts.

For those who are looking what’s the best way to get the maximum 50 Artifacts. My trick was to Glpyh hack - heat sink - tap hack - Heat Sink - Tap Hack move on. Unless an agent from a different faction was around using bursters in my Green Heat sinks.

Each portal allowed you to hack 5 of each of the 10 Artifacts. So collecting the 50 to hit the best possible score was the easiest way to obtain the badge. The Scores for my location highlight that this category was the easiest to get a high score in. (I also placed in elite for distance.) The other category’s were just casual play.

so hopefully someone reading this hasn’t yet done their field test and can use the Heat sink trick to maybe get 50/50 Artifacts as well.

but I really enjoyed the day


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