Distance not calculated, Prime crash

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Hi Niantic,

Myself and a number of others have just completed the Field Test event at Launceston. The event was riddled with network performance and stats update issues.

Many people were unable to perform actions, or even log in. Some people experienced these issues for over 45 minutes.

In my case, the distance did not update at all for the second half of the event. The personal stats tracker gave me a final value of 2,300 metres, however the person I was with The entire time and managed to get 3,060 metres (she also experienced numerous Prime issues). I tracked my stats with Agent-Stats and the Trekker badge logged 4km difference between the beginning and end of the event.

Due to the issues of the game, many people were ineligible for gaining the badge to the event. Please provide an avenue for players to lodge a ticket to rectify these issues so that we can gain the badge that we earned.





  • Might have a hard time convincing some of that if they think doing so will risk their not getting the completion badge.

  • "It's called "Agile Development" which is an unfortunately broad term that is being used more and more to simply mean that the customer is your first line of testing" -- grimnar @ Armored Warfare forums before the whole circus got shut down.

  • Tracker not calculated for my profile Slamft pls check, we go together with Vialianse agent

  • Hello, during the Event in Voronezh is not correctly counted the mileage and in fact not made a condition for participation. Агент TIGRYLbKA.

  • FT in Voronezh. Trekker shows +5 km, statistics +2,45 km, no stats calculating for the first hour of event

  • Hi! The same problem with trekker was in Voronezh, Russia. The stats start counting only at 15:57 instead of 15:15.

  • Can you just imagine what happened in Tartu Fail test? 😅

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    Принял участие в полевых испытаниях в Воронеже. Прошло более 5 км.  Но из за сбоя в системе и во времени часть расстояния не вошла в зачет. FmSova

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