An open letter to Niantic



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    TY Claudia for that long letter... Its "awesome" to see that hardcore monetization, without any comment, say to people "hey, all cities are sattelite without our persons but we want your 15 USD for - uh, just for nothing but why not... "

    CG NIA, if you want force old school players end with this game, then you are at correct way to lose community

    i dont have any problem to pay for anything, but its about communication...

  • Agreed!

    Looks like the NIA wanna to create new community for pay2win gaming :(

  • @Claudija thank you very very much for the compilation. I hope this arrives at Niantic and will be considered, meaning, the mandatory fees for every participating and registered agent being discontinued.

  • Very eloquently put. I agree fully.

  • 92 minutes of applause for this letter! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • I agree 100%.

    Shame on you Niantic.

  • Thank you @Claudija , completely agree with everything you’ve written and I too would add my name to this.

  • Pay to play!

    I'll not Stay!

  • Thank you @Claudija! Totally agree!

    ...and once again you spent hours and hours to write this great statement... Hopefully not for nothing...

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    With the move to paid anomaly tickets, each agent needs a reasonable assurance that they can have their participation “verified,” because that’s a prerequisite for the anomaly medal, bonus AP, etc.

    • For onsite tickets, "[performing] at least 13 successful hacks of onsite Anomaly portals during the Anomaly period" meets that requirement.
    • For offsite tickets, "[recharging] an Anomaly portal during the Anomaly period or successfully [submitting] any decoded Anomaly code during the Anomaly period" meets that requirement — but I think also leaves room for abuse. Read literally, it is enough to buy an offsite ticket and recharge 1 XM. Alternatively, it is enough to buy an offsite ticket, wait for someone to share "any decoded Anomaly code" with the world, and then submit that code. I'm not sure that either scenario is what is intended by "remote participation."
  • Thanks Claudia!

  • Very well written. I really hope that Niantic reads this and re-evaluates this and other bad ideas they have had as of late (sparkly scanner which cause migraines and epileptic seizures) A subset of us will still go to Anomalies, we will still pay the ticket price, we will still use Prime, we will still meet our friends and have a good time, maybe even buy some swag that ships from Lithuania (what?) but a vast majority of people I think will be putting down their scanners for good with the Prime evolution, and the event pricing debacle. It’s becoming another nail in the coffin of Ingress. This makes this Founder smurf sad to see the game I've come to love and the family I've met go this negative route. Fix it Niantic.

  • 15$ to anomaly😟 Niantic troll ☹️

  • A great analysis of the situation Claudija, thanks for taking the time to put it together.

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    100% agreed.

    @NianticBrian the s..t has already hit the fan - and it hit hard. Why don't you say something? Afraid of your player base?

  • Signed and 100% supported. I've got nothing more to add.

    This is a great letter and explains and summarises clearly what is being said in thousands of Ingress chats. Well done @Claudija

  • More inventory space??? I totally would pay for that!

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