An open letter to Niantic



  • I have no problem with paying for participating in an anomaly. Threatening with lawsuits wil **** Ingress quicker.

  • Thanks for your letter

    Your letter reflects my feelings right now. Those of us who play this feel a great passion for the game.

    I hope that NIANTIC reconsiders and looks for strategies to win win

  • I doubt I will add anything truly novel on here and I apologize in advance. Like most, my initial reaction was "Cheap, whiny, entitled brats. If they can't afford $15 then they have bigger problems " I admit this is a 1st world perspective. Can't help it. I am 1st world.

    I think Vanguard's response is extremely thoughtful. It did open my eyes to the bigger issues and I am grateful for that.

    But I can see both sides. Yes, I can appreciate that Niantic needs money to run. You pay staff to run the servers and these are on weekends. The servers themselves cost money. I also understand that Venture capitalists demand constant gain on investment. That's the deal you make when you take their money.

    Is it wrong for Niantic to charge for XM Anomaly events? No. Not at all.

    Could Niantic have handled this better? Yes. Totally. Umbra should remain free entry. Your ticket is a contract and you can tack on fees unless there is a negotiation. Niantic has made no effort to communicate with us in any way that could be interpreted as a renegotiation since they offer nothing in return besides access to an event that you already granted.

    Despite what you may believe, Niantic, you can't do whatever you want.

    If you want to make this now pay to play, then you should have delayed its introduction until 2020.

    If XM Anomalies events are to be paid ticket events, is it reasonable for the now paying customer base to demand from Niantic AND GET IT?


    You got away with exploiting these dedication agents' free labor when it was free. No more. They didn't suggest out of the blue to hold their event in their city. You chose it. This isn't the Olympics where you can **** the host country.

    Niantic needs to do a **** ton more. Way more. Want us to pay, then you will need to as well. Independent servers for anomaly zones. T-shirts to all or first 100 registration and other merchandise available which are site specific with proceeds going to assist the local organization/ POC to reimburse for outlays.

    Don't tell me you don't have the money. We know you're lying. If I get a t-shirt for a 5k run I sign up for that lasts 30 minutes then I had better get one for a multiple hour event like this. I also get a patch at the end of a Goruck event if I earned it. You giving me digital **** is a joke. I'm really at your site. Don't **** with me.

    I'm sure others will add on additional demands. If we're real, it was nice that it was free but that was never going to be forever. It was nice while it lasted but as of today, we are paying customers which means we expect and will get a lot for what we pay. Or there will be consequences. Your choice.

  • Totally agreed.

    Thanks Niantic for nothing.

  • Ty Claudia

  • Well said

  • Well said @Claudija 💚

  • Great letter, I think the Most of US will agree.

    to niantic: I think you could make more money with special itms than with events and withless law problems.

    Claudija kannst du das auch auf deutsch Posten, ist zu lang zum übersetzen in der Runde und zu gut um nicht gelesen zu werden.

    Dank Dir für den Brief


  • Exactly that.

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    I fully agree. Well said @Claudija 💙

  • Well done, amazing letter! I 100% agree! Let's say it... we are what makes NIA work and not the other way around. Without NIA we can be happy. Without us, NIA goes down the hole....

  • Very well said Claudija, I also agree 100%

  • The issues and mistakes in Niantic's decision have been clearly summarized, and the outpouring of comments shows the player community's agreement. I hope our feedback is heard.

  • Thank you.

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    Danke @Claudija , ich wünsche uns allen eine Antwort von NIA auf die Problematik.

  • I agree 100%. It seems like a bad way forward and a worse way trying to make more money. Other means are available and the fact that there was no communication about this makes it worse. Thank you Claudija for putting it in this very clear way!

  • +1

    Thanks for the insightful thoughts

  • I agree. I'm completely disappointed in those who made the decision to charge for these events. I'm more disappointed no one has responded to the legal and ethical implications of the decision. I will attend the anomoly for my faction and to support the hard work of the local agents. But this is a bad move for ingress.

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