Feature: please add a filter in the Missions menu to show only MD missions


during mission day it would be extremely helpful to be able to just see MD missions in the menu, so that you dont have to scroll thru screens and screens of missions you're not gonna run anyway.

This is particularly helpful because sometimes you're approaching a mission from the last portal, and missions are sorted by distance from the first portal, making it hard to find. (and because people goes crazy and before an event they submit many banners and new missions :) .)

There's a menu on the bottom-right, All / New, it feels like that's the perfect place to add a MD selection too.

Thanks for considering!



  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭✭

    The newest prime version has the ability to sort missions by name. Works great and should do what you want.

  • as Md missions starts usually with the "MD" tag, it means they will be halfway thru the list, and if there are many missions in the current screen, could take several scroll to get to the MD mission youre looking for.

    I still think a specific MD filter is much more efficient than sorting by name.

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