STOP IT with so much Crossfaction stuff!

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Some crossfaction is okay - first saturdays, an event or two, mission days. But Niantic has gone WAY over the top. Everything has to be crossfaction now and I'm sick and tired of it.

Ingress is a strategy game - a battle between 2 factions. That's what we play, what we like, and what we want to play. This ill-advised attempt to turn both factions into friends and make them one big group is ruining the game.

You destroyed our scanner with the new prime graphics, now you are destroying the actual game play.

People who want to be touchy-feely, feel-good friends can go play potter or pogo. Kindly get your hands off our ingress game play and toss any more crossfaction forced events into the trash.



  • Time to turn Ingress into a Pokemon Go.

    I think shard's portals will be like dark pokestops, a surprise 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Sometimes, in order to save something, you have to destroy it.

  • This event? It seems fine to me. It mixes things up a little.

    Overall though, the day this game isn't mostly a war is the day I quit playing beyond portal network contribution. I started to make Pokestops and accidentally fell in love with the game more than PoGo, so I sure hope it doesn't change that way.

  • Hold on...we have some bada$$ here.


    You have your own way on what Ingress supposed to be like, so you know constant fighting is tiring? Aren't you tired? If you're in a long haul since beginning, you would know it's a good effort to bring the two factions on common goals...ONCE IN A WHILE.

    So yeah, I have no issues. We can go back to bickering, giving jibes without tagging anyone, and blasting portals while win-trading in between events. It's not like these type of events are happening every week.

  • Or, it could have been a none xfac shard event to save your own scientists..

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    The stranglehold and gatekeeping on "the soul of ingress" is the only thing holding it back. We all have different views on what Ingress means to us and I respect that.

    I love competition... I thrive on it. I don't think we need to mantain absolute division at all times in order to keep competition pure. Shards are not a sacred cow... They have always been subject to calvinball.

    PvP isn't going away. The only thing that is certain... That has ever been certain; is calvinball. Calvinball comes for us all my pretty... And your little shards too.

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    Then it's not shards. It's stards lite.

    It's like passing off Johnny Walker as Glenlivet and it's just wrong.

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    A video explaining the shared goal and "why" doesn't make it less concerning that the goal is a strong deviation from the competitive history of Ingress.

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    One, love the event option and yeah I'm still mulling over what to do with it, but there are still two teams clearly forming on this and the best part is you get to pick a side. So it's not Enl v Res, it's now shards v anti shards. For anyone that says this isn't still competitive, they just haven't figured out that it is, and if you want to oppose this, start rallying your troops now. The pro-shard teams are forming, how are the anti-shard teams doing? I see this as a really interesting fight, with all new chances for meta game warfare. This is an expansion of the games strategic side not a diminishment. Extremely unpredictable, and very spy v spy if both sides make a game of it.

  • The last global shards lasted three months. This is only two weeks. Scoring shards will be much more difficult in this short time.

  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭

    Nah, both ENL and RES are going to be working towards the same goal. No one wants 75% portal decay.

  • jsylvisjsylvis ✭✭✭

    I've seen quite a few players speak up about wanting the decay to level the local field more quickly.

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