Make winning cycles great again

Winning your cell cycle may be challenging (or not) but the winning team should get a reward.

Si why not making the scanner a blue / green halo according to the previous winner of the cell.

Maybe local players will found a new interest of winning locally.


  • As long as it remains only cosmetic, this is a great idea.

    Maybe incorporating some kind of badge or stat?

    But that would have to be based on participation somehow, say coming in the top 10 of a cell?

    So maybe theres a new profile section, accolades.

    You could have top recharger for the cell, or top fielder, top hacker, best builder, Or maybe just simply a list of cells and dates that you have assisted in winning, sorted by highest score?

  • Yes it's should be only cosmetics. I think I would be interesting when you arrive in a cell who is dominant. Also it would motivate the other faction to change the color of the scanner. In my cell we are getting close to the 100 winning cycle in a row, it starts getting boring.

    All you mentionned are already in factions tools. But how to determine that you have assisted in winning a cell? There are so many important roles and some does not require to open the scanner.

  • Not particularly practical until spoofing is resolved I'd suggest/argue.

  • IMHO ...

    The problem with getting people to compete for cell score is related to the cell design and scoring mechanism rather than the lack of rewards. Cells are won by putting up and maintaining large fields over populated areas of light opposition, so unless you happen to live in such and area and have access to appropriate transport (this can be pulled off in cities using public transport or cycling, so it's not 100% car dependant) the cell score game is more or less closed to you. Chuck in the issue of cell borders being entirely arbitrary and paying no attention to actual geography, and the cell score game becomes almost irrelevant.

    Or to put that another way, areas in which multiple active agents battle away against each other for neighbourhoods, parks, towns, cities, counties etc, often contribute little to cell score, whereas a single agent who just happens to lack mobile neighbours can win or lose a cell cycle after cycle for the sake of a few hours effort every so often.

    By way of a personal example...

    I drive, I love a BAF, and I find making and taking out large fields extremely entertaining. However, I have precisely zero interest in my local cell score because due to the nature of the local competition nothing's going to stay up long enough locally (from either side) to make any real difference, with the cell being won and lost in low competition, high density areas towards London to the south.

    As far as I'm concerned, what's needed is a scoring system that recognises the bulk of day-to-day Ingress play which is precisely the sort of thing the current system ignores. It needs to, for example, recognise the smurf to the south of us who dominates the Uni where he works and the small town in which he lives, day in, day out. It's always fielded, damage is always repaired, he keeps some decent level portals for kit ... and yet his efforts in terms of cell score can be matched by, for example, myself idly chucking a couple of links on the school run to things that happen to be open.

    TL;DR The scoring system's silly JMHO, and most people can't participate in it any meaningful way anyway.

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