Crafting in Ingress

I am not a very active community member, so maybe this is not an original thought, I am also a bit lazy so | did not bother rummaging the internet to find out if this has been opted before.

The simple idea is that you can create/craft higher level gear from lower lever gear. 10 L1 resonators make 1 L2. 10 L2 make 1 L3 and so on. Same for weapons and Shields. Badges could be burstersmith of powersmith (someone can think of a better name I am sure.

Any thoughts?


  • I would love crafting.

    And would love some craftable only gear.

    But I think crafting should require some world interaction as well as some in game items

    I'd like to see a crafting capsule, you put in gear, and a combination of walk/hack/capture determines what comes out.

    That way there are 1000s of combinations and discovery that Niantic can make.

    Put in 10 R1, hack 1 once, capture once, wait 1 day, get 1R2, But put in 10R1 hack 10 times, wait 4 days get 5R2a

    Let us number crunchers run around learning crafting formulas. Make some unqie mods that can only be crafted. Give people under Bafs something to do

  • I have an idea very similar to yours. It would really be very good, especially for those who live in rural areas. that do not have access to L7 or L8 portals

    However, crafting would be good only for basic items.

    Resonator XMPs and Ultra Strikes

    8 XMPs L5 + Refining Capsule = 1 XMP L6

    8 USs L5 + Refining Capsule = 1 US L6

    8 RESOs L5 + Refining Capsule = 1 RESO L6

    extend to mods, could break the game.

    generating Very Rare Shield factories

    Soon I will elaborate a conceptual art for this idea


    Other Suggestions

    Dark XM Cube

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