Avenir Shard Event



  • So this is why the Anime was nothing like IRL.. little chance of working with people trying to block any and all progress over the last 4-5 years. And besides, plenty of areas would welcome higher decay as they are outnumbered in the area. Not a great challenge imho.

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    huh this isnt xfac ? any faction who links the target in goal wins no ?

  • Finally!!! a Real Shard game!!! 2 weeks and not 3 months is okay for many. Can't wait!

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    Can I just clarify what exactly the decay will be?

    Is it as a percentage of the current numbers, or percentage points? Or a combination (percentage for decrease, percentage points for increase)?

    Quite a difference... percentage of current is basically nothing noteworthy, percentage points is huge.

    Percentage of current:

    •decrease by 75%: 3.75%

    •decrease by 50%: 7.5%

    •increase by 50%: 22.5%

    •increase by 75%: 26.25%

    Percentage points:

    •decrease by 75%: -60% (will they recharge themselves?)

    •decrease by 50%: -35% (ditto)

    •increase by 50%: 65%

    •increase by 75%: 90%

  • It's the last 14 days of [redacted], too... so early retirement for those of us who both don't want another ugly medal and won't use that Prime sh*tshow.

    Too bad, too, because accelerated decay was always my favorite time to play, and xfac shards is never going to succeed.

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    Yeah... I don't want an ugly badge being my last, I've managed to avoid the others so far. Just gonna leave my inventory over cap (nobody wants to take anything anyway) and retire as planned on the 30th.

    Sadly, going to end up with the surely to be ugly Redacted badge regardless. Meh.

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    ... Thus making it cross-faction shared goal and removing any competitive element.

    This is as asinine as Pokemon Go research goals. Yaaaaay... factions no longer have any impact on the game.

  • First Helvetica, now Avenir? What font will they think of next 😂

    (and please don't say "Avenir Next")

  • Im waiting

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    Reward the faction with the most Shards with a Medal. Give competion and not XFAC collaboration. Or make red links to disturb the Shards (create an Unknown Red faction only Based data and alogaritm we had to fight).

  • Booo

    I want portal decay increased because that means I can get more AP

    But also I want a badge! And shards never come to my rural area so nothing for me to do.

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