Changes due to lawsuit

Does anybody know if the changes that will be implemented due to the PoGo lawsuit settlement (no portals within 40m of PRP, park portals only functioning during opening hours and so on) also apply to Ingress? Will they apply worldwide or just in the US?


  • @MaliciousWolf Interesting and I hope you're right. The last thing Ingress needs right now is more uncertainty and another upheaval. While this probably wouldn't impact my play area much either way, I can see it causing trouble elsewhere.

    As you say, we'll have to wait and see what Niantic anniunce

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    Portals actually respecting opening time? Boy, I will beileve that when I see it.

    The whole game is based on strategic portals mostly. I'd just love to see all portals with limited access deleted, but I made my mind ago: that will just never happen.

    This will end up like everything else: a new way to annoy other players :)

  • Yeah, I've no idea how they would actually do the opening times thing. Would portals simply disappear a certain time and then reappear when the place opens? What would happen to any links? Maybe more feasible would be to freeze them during the closed period.

    Still, the opening hours restriction would have to be requested by the admins of the park and that isn't going to happen very often.

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    That's is a part of the game! Strategic portals is one of the essences of the game.

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    Time to start separating ingress from the other niantic games behaviour.

    Hope this DONT affect ingress.

  • I'm sure that Niantic will keep it PoGo specific. They've done this to some graveyards in the past. There are several graveyards in my area that have Portals, however they do not have any Pokestops.

    In regards to parks having "working hours", the park owner or park rangers must formally ask Niantic to do this. It's not going to happen automatically to all portals/pokestops in parks worldwide. Most post-closing hour law enforcement park encounters I've heard of happened when Pogo first launched. Now law enforcement around parks tend to know where the portals/pokestops are located because they see people stop in the same spots day in and day out. I don't think the park aspect will change much unless it's in a more private neighborhood or a very rich and uptight one.

    Niantic is now expected to review a "statistically significant" amount of OPR submissions now. Statistically significant can be anywhere from 1% to 5% of the submissions. Which doesn't sound like much but I'm sure that is over thousands of them (hopefully they hire some of us for this 😉 [ PLEASE ]).

    In regards to POI's being 40ms away from private residential homes, this has always been a thing. And also must be requested by the owner of the residence. I don't believe this means apartment complexes as they do not qualify as "single-family residential property". I'm sure in the case of apartment complexes, it would be the apartment complex management. But TBH they probably want pokestops/portals in their residences to attract people. 😂

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    "In regards to POI's being 40ms away from private residential homes, this has always been a thing."

    Where has this always been a thing? Where is official documentation showing this?

  • Apparently terraced houses aren't prp, even end of terrace, semi detached... Based on the recent rejection of two of my appeals for the same portal.

    Based on which, I wouldn't be worried about prp at all and just accept them in opr now.

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    It's all guesswork untill Niantic actually responds with something they will actually implement. They don't have to go worldwide wide this, or even to other games, this settlement carries no weight outside the US AFAIK.

    As far as the other rules, I don't know. That 40 meter residential distance thing, that seems hard to implement to me. I'm fairly sure like 90% of the portals in any decently sized European city is within 40 meters of some kind of residential structure. After all everything is quite compacted here. They may as well just turn off the servers if that's going to work the way it sounds. I'm sure there's more to it then that.

  • I hadn’t realized someone responded to this.

    While the exact distance of 40 meters has never been specified (because a number was never needed until we entered legal terms) the OPR guide has always stated to reject a candidate if it appears to be in private residential property. IE someone’s house.

  • It does.

    You'd be wrong I'm afraid.

    Take a look here,12.568425 Players started reporting pokestops missing about a week ago, and portals are now renamed, but not yet removed.

  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien ✭✭✭✭✭

    I know that but the 40m rule hasn't always been a thing.

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    You linked to a portal in Copenhagen. That's got nothing to do with a legal settlement in the United States.

  • You are presuming the settlement is only affecting US, despite situations like these having begun occurring all over the world since the settlement.

  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭

    Situations like that happened before the settlement, too.

  • They added this recently. Presumably because of the settlement. Blue lines by me.

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