I've sent a portal four times inside a hospital. It is the "green zone" with games for children and a rest area.

I belong to the OPR and know very well the criteria for obstruction of emergency equipment. But this is not the case.

Any suggestions?


  • I just keep submitting. The park here where we live has a few portals that I have submitted but with it being so new people cannot see them on the outdated Google maps. So when it gets rejected I resubmit

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    One star. Just imagine a Raid in Pokémon and the Chaos It Will bring near the hospital.

  • Hydraulinski:

    I would never do a Pokémon Go gym inside a hospital. I know very well the cells and the quantity of pokeparadas necessary for the creation of gyms and the quantity of likes in the photos of the portals.

    Although in the criteria of Ingress does not exist: "Reject the portal inside a hospital in case it can be converted into a gym of Pokemón Go".

    But... I understand that kind of subjectivity.

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    I'd like to ask Niantic to change their guidelines on this, as long as it does not obstruct emergency services, I cannot see why they can't be portals in hospital grounds.

    Many people get bored when they spend days in hospital, obviously they can't go outside and trek to the nearest portal/gym/stop/inn/greenhouse/fortress.

    As for gyms/fortresses for events, then Niantic should be able to filter out hospitals

    Just my 2c

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    I have have a devil and an angel on my shoulder about this...

    the portal isn't blocking emergency traffic - i kinda sorta want it approved.


    people rush to a pokestop/portal/wizard bath en masse and we sorta have a logistical problem here. what if a shard is pushed into a hospital or a pokegym is raiding. its just unnecessary and we can't count on gamers to care about mob mentality in the heat of the moment. Technically though, i think portals are valid in hospitals that do not block emergency access. but its a sensitive issue and its going to take some shmoozing in that secondary description field.

  • I have seen portals located on the premises of children’s hospitals, that are genuine art installations. The intent of the submission was to give children, that are patients, the opportunity to play. Personally, I get why some areas should be avoided, but I also see the importance of a necessary distraction while staying in a hospital.

  • What do you mean by 'Green zone', is this a garden/play area?

    If so it should be accepted if it meets other criteria. "ACCEPT candidates in hospital gardens if they are not in the path of emergency vehicles."

    I'm pretty sure the intent of this guideline is that Niantic don't want people running down hospital corridors obstructing medical staff. If the portal is in a non-medical staff trafficked area or a general public thoroughfare, I would suggest that it meets the spirit/intent of the ruling.

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    @exculcator The reject text is very specific about the building of the hospital - not generically anywhere on the grounds of the hospital.

    "REJECT if the candidate is on or inside the hospital building or is in any location where it could obstruct emergency services and access to the building. ACCEPT candidates in hospital gardens if they are not in the path of emergency vehicles."

    A greenzone outside of buildings and away from emergency services/entrances, is a guided Accept.

  • @Barthax I don't know why you are saying this - I never said differently; quite the contrary - that is exactly what I did say. (Or are you actually supporting my statement? It *sounds* like you are disagreeing with me, even though you are agreeing with me...)

    OP specifically asked about "greenzones" INSIDE of hospitals, and I specifically talked about what the guidelines say about the insides of hospitals.

  • It is possible the hospital has requested to NOT have any POIs on their property, I work for a hospital that used to have a portal (a statue in the main entrance of the hospital) that was removed after Pokemon Go came out at the request of the hospital, I have seen submissions in OPR that would be valid per the rules that have been rejected (I presume since they are not live several months after I reviewed them) and have personally had a valid submission (an information plaque about Edgar Alan Poe) across the street from the hospital denied, I am guessing there is a reject portals within this arbitrary box around the hospital

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    Can you really see the future?? can you tell me with 100% that can be a GYM and not a pokestop? (talking about pokego)

    i don't see the problem.

  • BarthaxBarthax ✭✭✭
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    Your original missed use of the word "building" and so was ambiguous to my mind. I was trying to embellish. Apologies if it came across differently.

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    @xLIGAx Actually you can manipulate what to become a gym in Pokemon Go from Ingress. Its dependent on a few factors, the main being the number of thumbs up + the number of pictures for a candidate making it the most likely pokestop/portal that turns into a gym. Other factors include s2 cells where if the new portal will sync to pokemon go or not since the rules for density are different for the games and you need a certain amount of pokestops in order to trigger a new gym when a portal goes live which will eventually sync over to Pogo. Theres also a time constraint on the window from when you can manipulate a portal to get more thumbs up/pictures before the sync occurs.

    The benefit is immense because you could create a gym at a park rather than a church because a church would remove a gym because of all the pogo players visiting while a park would welcome the players as long as there not being destructive to the property. It is an extremely useful capability that only ingress players can utilize since most Pokemon Go players do not know about this.

  • I live on a hospital and health sci campus and we have 3 gyms in patient & visitor social areas and it has never been a problem or obstructs emergency traffic. Likewise, the emergency traffic areas were architecturally planned to be far away from the non-emergency areas. 2 are at a park in front of the children's hospital and 1 is at an outdoor plaza. That being said, I know of many nurses who play pokemon go and are grateful for the stops that I've been able to place in areas easily reachable by waiting rooms or where the inpatient units are because it gives them something to do while they recover, and has been the main focus of my portal strategy.

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    I'm a mother of a child with cancer. Would like my fellow agents to know that you got to love hospital portals. There's a lot of waiting folks. And sometimes some really awful news you have to process. Sometimes hacking has been a welcome stress relief.

    Our experience is with Queensland childrens Hospital and Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital. Both of these hospitals are multi level complexes. Built with in the last decade.

    Both hospitals have the emergency department on a floor below a fully public accessible mall. 20m wide malls with open to the public commercial shops and food courts in them. You could bring a tour group through those commercial malls and noone would notice.

    When considering a hospital portal please consider the multi level nature of hospitals and folks are not going to go into emergency when they can go into the shops on the floor above.

  • I'm personally against any portal within hospitals and cemeteries areas. However, they are widely accepted, but stll, I find these locations not suitable for being gaming areas. I would love if Nia gave a new guideline in order to eliminate all these portals, to be honest... But for the moment, keep on submitting, if they do not obstruct emergency services they are legit.

  • Jac1891Jac1891 ✭✭✭

    By TOS:


    Please refrain from submitting these candidates, as reviewing these submissions slows down the process for everyone.

    "Candidates that may interfere with the operations of FIRE STATIONS, POLICE STATIONS AND HOSPITAL"

    As far as I'm concerned, I'd delete them all, especially those that are inside the structures.

    Those in the parking are a bit difficult to manage, because being in the middle of a parking area a player could slow down an urgency or occupy space for someone with more need.

    However, many portals in the area within hospital facilities resist reporting, so perhaps NIA has not yet decided well.

  • MrajaniMrajani ✭✭✭

    @huasoide I'd suggest you to keep trying.

    TOS is clear here as @Jac1891 reported it : Refrain from submitting candidates that may interfere with the operations of FIRE STATIONS, POLICE STATIONS AND HOSPITAL.

    Means...If the candidate DOES NOT INTERFERE with the operations of fire and police stations, and hospitals, is acceptable.

    As others pointed out in this thread, hospitals are highly organized and quite complex structures, where nothing is left unplanned. Everyone who works in a hospital, or has been into one more than once, can confirm you this :

    You'll notice when you're in a place where you can be interfering with the operations. There are going to be signs, or the are is not accessible without a badge, or there's a guard. You'll also notice when you are in an area where you're not interfering with any operations.

    I'll make you an example :

    Statue in the middle of the hospital park : Acceptable.

    Hospital chapel : Acceptable.

    Emergency room : Not acceptable

    POI near the emergency room : Not acceptable

    POI inside the hospital structure (for example, near the hallway of surgery room) not acceptable.

    Otherwise NIA would have said : PORTALS INSIDE HOSPITALS ARE NOT VALID. Like they did with elementary or middle schools 😉

  • So it's a POI in a garden within hospital area.

    It's not blocking ambulance vehicles. So according to Niantic should it be accepted? YES

    But would it be wise to do so? NO

    Portals/Pokestops draw unnecessary traffic to the hospital. Especially if it becomes a Gym one day. I think players are being too greedy about this. There are so many other good POIs around. You don't need portals in hospitals. It's completely unnecessary.

  • there is people who actually play in hospitals when are in there for x reason just for aliviate their thinking or pass the time, is not about being greedy in the end, besides if niantic guidelines say it can enter doesnt matter what a person think about it, it should go in, opr making their own subjective desicions is one of the most terrible problems the system has besides you as a foreigner dont know anything about that place and that community

  • I lost my sojourner at 661 days because I was in the hospital. I was ironically able to hack a portal from the er but not from the room. It is not fun to be that close to a portal and not be able to use it. I know you want to help patients etc but it doesn't always work.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭

    This is a clear example where Niantic should change their policy on hospitals!


  • Keep submitting it. As long as it is not blocking emergency services and is otherwise portal worthy it should be approved. I personally find it very relaxing to glyph hack between appointments. It is a good distraction in an otherwise stressful place. I wish more hospitals had them and that the hospitals that do had more. It's a bummer when you are out of range and need your daily hack. Not all Ingressers are healthy 20 somethings. Most hospitals have a chapel, gardens, statues, and art work, submit it all.

  • I'm happy for you that you have the privilege to be healthy enough to think this way. Maybe you should invite your parents and grandparents to join you in Ingress and then see the world of Ingress from their point of view. We have three generations playing in our family. Hospital portals are not a bad thing. By your logic all library portals should be removed. They are expected to be quiet places where people expect to be able to study, focus, and get work done, yet they are rated very high for OPR and every library I know of is a portal.

    It's all in your point of view. So, don't create your own rules, follow the OPR guidelines.

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