Bug: Key dropping takes too many taps, is really slow

Prime, Android, Pixel2

Part 1:

In Redacted, dropping a key takes 3 taps.

In Prime, dropping a key takes 4 taps.

This is a lot of repeated tapping when I'm glyphing keys and dropping them for another agent to level up with. Repeat this 1-3 times per portal (avg is about 2 keys per glyph hack + More Keys glyph command)

Part 2:

The UI on my Pixel2 is slow enough, even when freshly rebooted and restarted that it takes several seconds. it's not tap-tap-tap-tap, it's:

Tap #1; open inventory; bottom left.

Wait because if the first tap doesn't register, tapping too soon on the next spot takes me to comm

Tap #2; "Portal Keys" bottom right. Sometimes I have to tap a second time, because I tap too far to the right and nothing happens. Why the touch area doesn't just go all the way to the edge of the screen I don't know. I recommend doing this while walking up/down stairs (exaggerates bouncing while walking).

Wait for pictures to load.

Tap #3; tap on portal key I wish to drop (when helping an agent level, it's always the closest one)

Wait for portal status page to show up with "drop" button at bottom. I have to wait because I can't tap on the drop button until it appears.

Tap #4: "Drop"

Repeat this an average of 2 times per portal, as many as 4-6 when you forget to do it and you have 2 portals worth of keys in your inventory.

Part 2b: The places I need to tap are separated by huge distances. I have to tap bottom, bottom, top, bottom. When I have two hands free this isn't so bad, I can use thumb/index finger to tap on opposite ends of the phone, but when I only have one hand free, it's painful to stretch that far with my thumb.



  • jsylvisjsylvis ✭✭✭✭

    Yeah -inventory management is much slower than on redacted. It takes much more time to load capsules and hand them off to someone at a farm.

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