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    Why am I not surprised?

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    As stated before, OPR isn't a term for a person, it's the website, Operation Portal Recon. The people using it are reviewers, so OPRRs. Though the website is Portal Recon, you could really classify them as POIs, so reviewers would me OPOIRRs. Which is a bit hard to pronounce as a word in English so we like to use a French pronunciation.

    So instead of calling ourselves OPOIRRs we call ourselves Oprahs. Please keep this in mind for the future.

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  • Redacted retires September 30th.

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    Haven't been able to experience Harry Potter much but I'm guessing what he is talking about the "flags" is populated are how the "nests" in pokemon, are which is in relation to XM in Ingress. It's not data from OSM, but the original XM data taken by use of google/gps data at locations and turning it into a visible object in Ingress. A dense group of XM in Ingress is translated to the other games as other elements. Example, I'm at an area located in a super isolated part of the world with one portal, the only xm is radiated off of the single portal , I don't get a type of nest in pokego , and when I open Harry Pooter I have never seen any flag. Food for thought. I have tested my theory in my of my travels, hikes, trips to shopping complexes and such.

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    I believe the flags alone are from OSM, not sure, but I checked at my home and every flag was in the same spot as something market at osm.

    Ironically where I live has a flag of magic ministry and few spawn of traces, almost only of this category. And there is plenty of pokemon of many kinds. And at my parents house it's the other way, almost no pokemon and even with no flags there is a lot of traces. I went to lv15 without leaving the house in one weekend.

  • Niantic had a special hydration station. Per the recent amas fountains that have sidewalks leading up to them should be allowed. Uh.... what do park drinking water fountains have? It's a valid portal...

  • Per august ama 2019 answers... following are allowed.

    1. Playgrounds at mcdondalds and chickfila.

    2. Indoor softplay areas are allowed.

    3. Apartment building playgrounds, and pavilions.

    4. Water fountains with sidewalks. Drinking water fountains are allowed as they have sidewalks. Unlike a fountain in the middle of the water......

    Please update your opinions on them and start approving them....

  • @TimerCIock neither of the things you claim to be portal worthy are playgrounds or fountains.

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    @TimerCIock can you post pictures of the things you want to be approved?

  • AMA August questioned answered.

    Q: fnordius - Here there are a lot of apartment complexes with private playgrounds, which is kind of a grey area. On the one hand, they are not single residences, but on the other hand they are private residences, often with lots of signs warning off trespassers. Can we, in the interest of not encouraging rude behaviour by Agents (and by extension, those who play Those Other Games) declare such private playgrounds as off limits, much like schools are?

    A: As you describe it, these are completely eligible candidates. A person’s personal behaviour is not an indication of whether something is eligible to be a Portal.

    Q: Bigtoothpaste - I noticed a lot of portals featuring large fountains have disappeared in my city, even if the portal was at the edge of the fountain, on dry land where agents "can interact with it". Please clarify "interaction" with a fountain - does it mean reach out with your hand and physically touch the falling water?

    A: One of the criteria for eligibility is the object in question needs to be accessible by foot. If the fountain is in the middle of a roundabout with no crosswalks leading up to it, it can be considered ineligible and removed. If you feel the candidate was removed incorrectly, you can post a public appeal in the Community.

  • Q: sanitybites - Hey there Andrew... hope you're well? was good to chat with you in Kaunas. What are NIA and yourself's feelings about Softplay areas for kids with regards to portal submissions? Inparticularly indoor ones?

    A: The response to this question is the same as the response in March to the McDonald’s playgrounds. NIA OPS said, “the playground typically meets the criteria of regular playgrounds...The business itself in the case of McDonald's would likely not meet the Portal criteria. So the playground is ok. Just don't try to submit every McDonald's location as those will get denied.”

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    These clarifications tell us that...playgrounds me criteria! And fountains in the middle of water or roundabouts do not. Not anything to do with what you are trying to pass off as portals.

  • The problem with opr's is self greed. No one wants another person to have more than them. Playgrounds even on private residences are eligible for a portal if I read the AMA response correctly. But it would be for only people who have them in opr. Not for others because they dont want every playground for people who arent playing.

    McDonalds has a classification for the stores. Playplace has a playground in OSM.

    Drinking water fountains. Various uses for more than just people. Dogs too for dog parks. Other examples of other things.

    tourist information.

    Transmission towers fall under power towers.

    Department stores fall under certain department stores.

    Banks and atms.

    Doctors offices.



    Tourist attractions.

    Educational signage.

    Sport fields


    Veterinarian and pet stores.

    And a few more nesting types that I have learned based on what I have seen from the osm mapping in HPWU.

    All major industries in the world that bring people together.

    Yet they all have nests and intended poi's and people keep rejecting them as generic things. Let stuff intended to be at a specific place be allowed. Real fixed things from satellite view are allowed.

    "Q: Macerick82 - can you clearyfy what a photo of thesurroundings means? often the people just turn around 180° and this helps exaqctly nothing because you cant veryfy a portal location like this. Can we deny such portal candidates if not beeing able to identyfy otherwise?

    A: As mentioned in the criteria, players are expected to “take a clear, bright photo for your submission that shows the candidate and its surroundings to help the reviewers determine if the candidate meets our acceptance criteria and confirm it is physically located in the suggested location.” However, the supporting photo is not the only resource available to you. You can also use Satellite View or Street View (if available) in maps to confirm if the object exists in that location."

    Want current satellite view that they have. Use osm properly and you could. Because osm is the map they use for newer things.

    Here is proof the maps are horrible. And all need to be synced and the same.

    Ingress prime current map. Which is surprisingly older than the others. Missing part of the Chesapeake bay in ingress prime.

    Pokemon go map

    Hpwu map

    Niantic got tired of hearing about spoofers in pokemon go. They specific removed CP's and IV's and didnt even bother with them in HPWU. That is the main reason for spoofing in pokemon go. Ingress, its spoofing for MU's and leveling for submissions. Well if niantic eliminated spoofers with HPWU and wants poi's in specific areas as result shouldnt those nests have them?

    Here are things in osm. That should be considered as well. Because they exist in osm.

    Park grilles. Pictures.

    Picnic tables. Cities all over the world classify picnic areas at parks. It's a POI in OSM and should be in all 3 games.

    Piers and boat ramps are real things and should be approved. The are in OSM. Few I have seen approved spawn nice things at parks.

    Need more? Everything I've submitted are real fixed structures at mini parks all over the world that should be approved. Because they have their uses for communities members.

    Hell dog poop stations are even in there.

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    Nothing on private residential property is eligible! Why is this so hard to understand?

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    The term "Fountains" means those decorative ones that conduct water displays, shoots water in the air and such, NOT drinking fountains. Grills are not UNIQUE! Holy banana's Batman, none of those will ever be approved, and should NEVER BE APPROVED as portals. This thread's nonsense needs to be done with. You want garbage portals made just so you can have a cluster, a nest of stops and whatever is in HP. The other thing is that OSM IS NOT NIANTIC! Just because its a POI in OSM does not mean it matches the portal criteria for Ingress, Pokego or HP!

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    Most is those pictures are generic mass product things. Not valid.

  • They are nests. Nests are design places in game and intended to have poi's....

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  • Fountains in water and roundabouts don't. But fountains that are accessible by foot are. Uh. A drinking water fountain is accessible by foot as they have sidewalks typically. How is that not saying it....

  • If the map is from osm. The poi's on the map are poi's the games pull. That is exactly what poi's should be portals. Niantic uses OSM more than suggested.

  • Fountains and drinking faucets are not same thing though. One is an decoration and another is utility.

  • A portal doesn't have to be unique to be approved. Pavilions, playgrounds, sports fields are mass produced items that are approved. If niantic is saying mass produced playgrounds at a mcdonalds are allowed. Then they are allowing more generic things to be allowed. If niantic is saying a decorative fountains isnt eligible by foot access, uh how many other fountains have access by foot access?. The name "drinking water fountains" has the word fountain and is accessible by foot access. Its reading exactly what was said. No exaggeration. Word for word from the AMA's.

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    You aren't understanding that the criteria that regular fountains falls under is "art". Drinking fountains do not fall under that same criteria unless they are decorative. Sorry, you're not changing anyone's mind and I honestly don't understand what you're trying to say in that big post of yours. None of it fits the criteria as written or as clarified in the AMAs. Niantic is just clarifying existing criteria on playgrounds, not supporting your idea that everything should be a portal.

    Niantic cares about safety. Electrical towers should never be eligible for a POI.

  • Water towers and silos are utilities. If they say fountains have to be accessible by foot to access. A drinking water fountain meets the requirement. It promotes hydration for exercise at a park. Exactly what niantic specifically does at the parks during events.

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    No you still aren't understanding. Fountains are art. That is what makes them eligible. Fountains that are art must have pedestrian access to be eligible. That is what Niantic is clarifying. That's it. They're not saying everything you can get to on foot is eligible.

  • By definition of niantic. Fountains that are to be approved must have foot access. Not on roundabouts and on water. Niantic is telling you what is allowed. It's not the decorative fountains they want. It's the hydration fountains. By definition its valid.

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    Water towers have to be decorative or major landmarks to be approved these days. Just being a water tower isn't enough.

  • Correct because that is defined. Niantic defined in the AMA's as being defined as fountains and playgrounds with criteria.

    Fountains must have foot access. By definition a drinking water fountain is to be approved. It meets the AMA criteria. It is a hyper local spot at parks because it promotes hydration. Promotes exercise because water is needed to play for long periods. It is a community gathering spot for sports recreation teams as they send sports players to drink water during sports activities. Location is safe. It meets criteria. And is defined and meets the AMA's requirement for fountains.

    Niantic said basically all playgrounds are allowed whether it's on private, apartment or commerical property. That's clear. No arguments on it. Its written in the AMA.

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