redacted as a paid feature.

there are quite a lot of people who would like to use "redacted" scanner for their own convenience, either because prime is to much bling-bling, and hurts their eyes (or feeling of aestethics), because theyr old phone is not performing well, or just because they're to used to that particular old interface.

as fas as i know, there are quite a number of players (my assumption is at least - every third player) that have more than one reason to "not like" the new prime interface (and scanner). most of us would be happy to pay some reasonable and regular money for NOT throwing away redacted, and NOT being forced to use new scanner.

as for me - i may be a not-hardcore player, but switching to client that really eats away on my phones battery, does not look pleasing for my sore eye and slows everything down beyound playability - is to much. even despite the game being fun, community being great and all the other things being nice (which is not quite true at some times). i used to play with old client on Samsung Galaxy Core 2 phone, and it was, well, playable. not really quick and responsive, sometimes lagging and slowish (especially on animations), but still - i really enjoyed. i know, people happily played on Samsung Galaxy S3. now i play using Samsung Galaxy S7, and redacted is flying. can't say the same about prime. that thing feels everthing, except prime (pun intended).

at times i wished there was a button "turn off all the bing-bling". in old client. dynamic animations, portal imagery, trails, shadows - everything that may eat on phones memory and internet connection.

can not stress this enough - i would like to pay for redacted to stay. and i know - i am not alone. maybe we still can make NIA change their minds?


  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭

    A lot of people would pay for a version of Prime that had simplified Redacted-style graphics, though.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    If that were ever to become an option, it's not a priority. I don't think they'd redirect development resources on a skin when there are more pressing needs.

  • I do agree that this is a problem but pay to win content is not a solution

  • Maybe niantic could replace redacted with a unity powered classic scanner. Or maybe fix some of the problems with prime?

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    The unity-powered scanner is Prime. And they are actively addressing the issues with every new Prime release. Improvements are ongoing

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    People are quitting Ingress over the visibility and data usage issues in Prime.

    Meh. Let them.

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I am pretty sure they don't care about whiners that don't want to change their gameplay habits.

    Prime's fine, and will be excellent as soon as they correct the freeze bug and make it less blue

  • Battery usage is WAY higher, CPU temperature is WAY higher, and when I recharge the battery to even have chance to play more than 2-3 hours it is even hotter. So don't tell me it is "the same" - it is unusable, I'd have to buy a new phone for that. And I really don't see the need, because Redacted works just fine, and Prime is at the stage when doesn't even REPRODUCE all the old functionality.

    Too much CPU/GPU usage - and it is not the platform issue. The same simple UI could be rewritten in Unity as well and would not eat the battery 10x faster than before.

    Another issue is that, because evidently the platform is shared with the Pokemons now, all the spoofer hell unleashed. So it is another reason to not shuffle out the money for a new phone "just because" NIA forces me to have new bling blings.

    We need "simple mode" in the app. People want that for years! Remember broot? Insanely popular. And instead of going the "functional way" we are being force-fed with some glamorous CPU-eating monster.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    @EdiTorAs I never said it's the same :).

    Niantic doesn't have a choice in removing Redacted. It's on a platform that's past end-of-life, no longer supported, cannot be updated. And both Google and Apple are removing it (and all other RoboVM apps) from their stores.

    Saying Prime doesn't even reproduce all the old functionality is just plain wrong. You can destroy/cap/deploy/hack/glyph/upgrade/mod/link/recharge/submit portals. You have chat and comm. You have a profile and inventory. What app are you looking at if yours doesn't have this? 😉

  • HA HA

  • @Azhreia the platform is one thing, and making it so much more CPU/GPU hungry is completely another matter. So please don't mix them. The app could have been ported in a way which has a simple mode which would work on all phones which worked (i.e. work) fine with the old app. My phone starts to burn my fingers while I am not even doing much, just hacking a portal! In a dense neighborhood it just thermally throttles so it starts lagging.

    Regarding "reproducing all the functionality" - are you kidding? This forum is full of reports that simple things like attacking or upgrading or linking do not work properly. Submitting was just introduced what - this week? And within few weeks all we have to use is this very alpha thing? Which just will be "field tested" only this weekend?

    Also "the functionality" is not separate from performance issues. I can NOT do in Prime all what I can do in Redacted. And it is not only my (not so) old phone, because people with 6GB RAM and newest Snapdragon monsters also report problems.

    And I abstract from "visual" issues, like unreadable screen during large battle or hard-to-find items on the ground - this may be obviously subjective and caused by "old habits".

    Though buggy, CPU hungry, hot monster is not subjective feeling, sorry.

    Ingress is not just another **** game on your phone. Your efficiency as a player often depends on how fast you react and how fast you can attack, how well you see what's happening, whether you lag or not, or just how long your battery lasts!

    Scanner is a tool, not a toy. All visual side (obviously designed to attract new kids) is not even secondary, but tertiary issue. Most probable cause of forcing out the Redacted is that you simply play BETTER with the old app so it deters people from using new shiny and laggy Prime. So it is removed - things change for worse.

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    Nope. Our pay-to-win supposedly would be that petrol/gas we use, the places we go, that night we have not slept fielding and killing portals. If I want to pay-to-win, Ingress would have quickly become just another game.


    Why HAVE to make a camp between Redacted players and Prime? The main reason for most would be the affordability to get a new phone. We are not being paid with cash playing the game anyway. I understand why people choose to quit. I also understand the need to move on to Prime and "get used to it". RoboVM is no longer available and it has been depreciated, so I am okay with it..I'm moving on.

    Prime (for now) do not have the same pull for the first week I joined Ingress many years ago. Do I hate Prime? Totally not, but I do admit the Prime memes on the telegram channel are funny and makes me smile.

  • guys, i've been in IT for quite some time. i damn well know how much effort has to be put in coding. and seeing how "well made" is prime, i've got to ask, how many ppl are really working on prime scanner? one, two? on theyr prime time or on spare time? it's two years in "developement", draft could be made in a couple of weeks! nia had working interface and working concepts of every freeking thing in the game. okay, art has to be ported? no, just IM-ported. game logic? interface logic? it was made from damn scratch, dumping everything that has been time-proven. it does speek about NIAs attidude. it makes me shiver and weep.

    now add to that un-free anomalies. and have fun.

  • corowercorower ✭✭
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    having a last-years topmodel or a decently new one and having performance issues with the game ... yes, i wish i could play with my old Samsung Galaxy 2 (1.5G RAM, 8G flash, kitkat andoid), but let's be real - S7edge should be fresh enough. or galaxy tab 4, for that case. afterall one can play potter or pokego on these devices, and not get battery drained in 35mins or phone melting.

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    late but meh. Found this forum when looking for a way to keep Prime from killing my S6 Active battery in 2.7 hours.

    Started the original game in beta. Loved it. Played it. Lost my email account so started again. Loved it. Played it.

    Then came Prime. In all fairness to the devs, Prime isn't all bad. But in all fairness to reality, OMG it just sucks. READ other ppls COMMENTS ABOVE.

    We don't need flashy bling. We don't need cool fad colors. We don't need fancy animations. All we need is something that works, allows us to play, and doesn't melt down our phones. Not too much to ask I'd say. But seems like we are asking for the world in asking for something that is equal to (not worse) than Redacted.

    What we have now in Prime is way worse than redacted, by leaps and bounds far worse.. Between the eye killing graphics, battery killing interface, and buggy everything (constant store sync error, almost as constant secure connection error and software lag that is 10 to 15 seconds at times and the insane GPS drift - yes it can't hold a GPS position for jack or jill)... between all that and a hard place ... I'm already paying to play with my data and tracking and gas and time.

    So no, I'd not pay to have back the cool, great game that Redacted was. Instead, me like at least 1 in 3, have just stopped playing. I open Prime about once a week now, a fad that is fading into obscurity.

    I loved Ingress when it worked. Make it work again and I'll play. Keep ignoring your user base and no one will be playing eventually.

    I'd even go for Atari style graphics if it didn't torch my phone battery in no time flat and freeze up all the time. Would be fun again.

  • can not stress this enough - i would like to pay for redacted to stay. and i know - i am not alone. maybe we still can make NIA change their minds?

    Cannot stress this enough. Google and Apple will not allow Niantic to continue distributing Redacted because it's on a deprecated and defunct platform. They would have to completely rewrite the game again for Redacted.

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