My account has been wrongfully temp banned after trying to move a portal to its correct location.

TLDR and necessary screenshots below the post.

After receiving an OPR warning, I am actually pretty careful and selective with what I edit. A portal close to where I work has been edited out of its correct location to about 80 meters (~250 feet) away for no reason in early June. I've been trying to get it back to its original location since.

I don't do edits often, and the email I received from Niantic came an hour after it got rejected from OPR, which also explicitly states I was banned due to a bad location edit. So I know for sure it is caused by this edit.

The portal in question is called Halkbank Kupası. It is 3 trophies located in the main entrance of a bank called Halkbank's headquarters. The portal was accessible from the street too so I don't really understand why anybody felt the need to mess with it in the first place but that's a different story.

The building is adjacent to a mall that has a very large decorative pool. The portal currently sits next to this pool, surrounded by the pool and a couple random restaurants for almost 3 MONTHS. Since I work pretty close to there and players know I was the one to do the edit, my suspicion is that it got mass rejected by the opposing faction, whose members also flagged the edit request as OPR abuse, or worse, contacted a Vanguard and got me falsely banned...

It is quite obvious where the portal is supposed to be, that this was not a bad location edit and the termination should be reverted. Thanks in advance. Screenshots and TLDR below:

TLDR; Received an OPR warning, careful with edits now. Portal gets moved from its original location, I attempt to edit it back, get mass reported through OPR or VG by agents who know me and subsequently banhammered for 15 days.

Screenshots (actually contains an ss from way before it was edited from its original loc): (more detailed with descriptions) (less detailed)



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