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  • Blame niantic not me. They refer people in wizards to ingress to add new portals. They do it in the support for the game as a automatic response. Opr is for all games not just ingress.

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    OPR is for Ingress, nothing else. The P stands for portal.

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    I don't blame Niantic for not trusting a massive amount of people who just want pokestops inside their house at any cost, or dog poop trash bins as portals.

  • @TimerCIock Operation Portal Recon is for Ingress players only. Just because portal approvals/rejections can have an impact on Niantic's other games, does not mean reviewers should take that into consideration when doing reviews, There is specific criteria for what makes a good portal, and there are THOUSANDS of players devoting their free time to review submissions. Most of us take this unpaid job very seriously and do our reviews by the book. From the tone of post, I gather you have not gained access to OPR and have no experience of what it is like to be a reviewer. Your post comes across as someone who is frustrated with their own submissions getting rejected. I suggest you consider the actual criteria for what makes a good portal, and not just your own opinion of what makes a good portal. If a submission you believe fits the criteria gets rejected, re-submit that candidate and take care to have a good primary/supporting photo, a good description, and an accurate location pin that can be easily verified via satellite, streetview, or supporting photo.

    What makes a good Portal?

    High-quality Portal candidates are those that help Agents discover and enjoy their community, such as:

    ·        A location with a cool story, a place in history or educational value.

    ·        Interesting story behind the location/object

    ·        Signboards with educational information

    ·        Historical significance (apart from just being old)

    ·        A cool piece of art or unique architecture

    ·        Statues, paintings, mosaics, light installations, etc.

    ·        Venues that showcase fine art (e.g., performance art theaters and museums)

    ·        Buildings designed by renowned architects/structures famous specifically for their architecture

    ·        A hidden gem or hyper-local spot

    ·        A popular local spot that you would take a friend visiting your community for the first time

    ·        A popular spot where locals gather, but may be lesser-known outside the community

    ·        Tourist spots that showcase local flavor and culture and that make your city/neighborhood unique

    ·        More off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions (i.e., if you weren’t a local, you wouldn’t necessarily know to go here)

    ·        Adventurous tourist attractions - think lookout towers, observatories, signs or markers atop mountain peaks, etc.

    In addition to using the above acceptance criteria, we often add candidates that are a special nod to industries and networks that connect people around the world, just as Ingress connects Agents around the world. These include:

    ·        Public parks

    ·        Public parks are great, high-quality places for Portals: they are common all around the world and encourage players to walk, exercise and enjoy public spaces

    ·        Public libraries

    ·        A nod to education and discovery, cornerstones of Niantic & Ingress

    ·        Includes little free libraries, provided they are not on private residential property; does not include mobile libraries

    ·        Public places of worship

    ·        A nod to the otherworldly, which is integral to the story of Ingress

    ·        Transit stations

    A nod to the transportation industry, which also connects and unites people around the world

    ·        Accept transportation hubs (like Grand Central Station), but not every single small transit stop (like a subway station or a bus stop)

    Low quality Candidates

    If you come across any of the following, please reject it as a low quality Portal by rating a 1 star for the “Should this be a Portal?” question:

    ·        Candidates on the grounds of primary/secondary schools

    ·        Candidates on private residential property (including farms)

    ·        Candidates that obstruct the driveway of emergency services and may interfere with the operations of fire stations, police stations, hospitals, military bases, industrial sites, power plants, and air traffic control towers

    ·        Candidates that are not permanent , including seasonal displays that are only put up during certain times of the year

    ·        Candidates that are natural features (Includes pictures of landscapes as well as submissions where the subject is a lake, river, stream, mountain, volcano, waterfall, etc.; photos that include man-made points of interest - plaques, signs, etc. - near natural features are acceptable).

    ·        Please give the Portal a 1 star if the candidate has the following issues:

    ·        Candidate is not an object but the photo of a person/group of people, body parts, live animals

    ·        The photo is pulled from a third party source (shows a watermark) or is low quality (e.g., pitch black/blurry photos or photos taken from a car)

  • I'm an opr. Not upset about my submissions or my reviews. The guide isn't updated at all. AMA changes were never updated in the guide. The games do matter for submission process. If OPR's aren't getting fixed items in parks, how does that make sense. Piers and boat ramps per the guideline are acceptable. Signs aren't required but OPR's believe they are. The games have different rules and play styles. Niantic needs to update the guide to provide proper criteria for the various games because no matter how much OPR's hate it, they are approving submissions for all of the games.

  • Good thing I don't need to prove to niantic that I am a opr. Because they already know. :) yes the last update to the guide was over a year ago. And a new game and a new play style are incorporated. People tend to think OPR is only for ingress. You're wrong. If niantic didnt refer people to ingress, I would agree with you. But go in support for every game and ask how to create more portal locations. It refers you to ingress. Niantic needs to update the guide to account for each game and the playstyles. Currently each game has different cell structures, so each wouldnt have the same allowed portals. I'm trying to get a clarification. Because like I said, HPWU currently breaks most of the OPR guide rules as it is with its nest flags and needing portals in them.

  • Marina's should be another approved location. Promotes watercraft use which is an adventurous activity. Promotes some exercise. Is a fixed structure on a natural body of water. All things valid for a portal.

  • People say things should be safe for children.... then why are karate activities, daycares, and dance studios all rejected? That's where children are on a daily....

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    Because like I said, HPWU currently breaks most of the OPR guide rules as it is with its nest flags and needing portals in them.

    @TimerCIock nests and flags aren't related to poi criteria. So you're wrong.

    Spawn benefits from the existence of POI, but flags aren't POI. Aren't portals and didn't pass through OPR.

  • That's why the guide needs to be updated. You can't have one game playing different rules than the others... And expect the OPR's to follow the rules of the new game if they don't even care the new game exists. Most older OPR's only care about ingress and that is it...

  • Ingress rules and gameplay doesn't work with HPWU rules and gameplay. HPWU rules are different than the other games. OPR is for all of the games not just ingress.

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    The rules of creation of poi are the same. How each game use it doesn't interfere with the criteria of approval.

  • Disagree. There is more than 1 game now. Each game has different play styles and requirements to make each game work properly. Hpwu game style is currently mostly on the do not submit list which is idiotic. Atms, banks, department stores, parks, etc... all need more submissions for poi's to work properly. I think niantic needs to clarify so OPR reviews stop wasting submissions for each game. Updated guide is important. Having more allowed things is the goal everyone wants. We just need niantic to clarify amongst the 3 games what they will allow.

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    You can disagree how many time you want, but it won't change the criteria, Wich are the sames and are working fine, but unfortunately you're failing to understand.

    Hpwu game style is currently mostly on the do not submit list which is idiotic. Atms, banks, department stores, parks, etc.


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    Now you want ATMs to be portals?? I'm so tired

  • Niantic wants Atm's as portals. That is why they put nests in game as them.... Don't argue with me. Argue with Niantic... They need to clarify the changes to OPR rules with what they have done with Wizards......

    Niantic did the following. Bus stops, atms, banks, parks, colleges, libraries, department stores, convenience stores, pet veterinarian clinics, doctors offices, and other things as nest specifically in HPWU. Not my doings. That is me reporting the problem to get answers.... BECAUSE OPR's will not approve anything in most of these areas, yet continue to argue with me about these areas.... What needs to be done is Niantic needs to clarify the OPR guide changes so that all 3 games are allowed to have things in them and define them in OPR Guide so it puts everything to bed...

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    @TimerCIock IN WRITING show me where Niantic Said they want Portals at ATMs?

    A tag in a game is far different then asking for Portals at a location.

    Edit: The logic you are using for that statement is "Affirming the consequent – the antecedent in an indicative conditional is claimed to be true because the consequent is true; if A, then B; B, therefore A"

    Edit #2: Thats like saying because a Pokemon Spawns at my house Niantic wants a Pokestop at my house.... Thats not how it works. Only Valid POI (POINTS OF INTEREST) per the AMA/OPR Guide/Portal Submission (Both Ingress/Pokemon GO Pages) are what is valid.

    As you love to push people on read all of those items and then read about logical fallacies then make actual informed decisions.

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    Oh! They are in all three games! So we can stop having this discussion. I can collect XM at my local bank (Ingress), there are also Pokemon spawns there (POGO), and your HP nests (HPWU)!

    Problem solved. All games have parity. You can play the games at those places. That does not mean they need to be submitted through OPR because they ARE NOT POI but they are places the games can be played around. Portals/pokestops/inns/etc are not the whole of any 3 of the games they are just a part. You don't need a pokestop near every Pokemon spawn point, do you understand?

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    Niantic wants Atm's as portals. That is why they put nests in game as them....

    They don't put anything, it automatically generated, based is points from the open streetmaps. The spawn is there with or without a flag.

    Flags don't have name or pictures, because they are not Poi. They're just marking the location of a category "nest".

    What you keep saying is just as dumb as saying that Niantic want streets and roads as POI since they're in the games, but OPR don't approve your home street because they are mean.

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    Also, the flags are probably intentionally programed to show up in places that are invalid as POI, to avoid a flag appearing too close or inside/over an inn/fortress.

  • You don't seem to understand that we use ingress to explore new places. I'd be very annoyed if I was taken to a dog **** bin or electricity pylon because someone playing another game wanted to stay in a park and not walk/explore.

    What I think you are asking for is for a version of opr for other games for people that only care about collecting stickers. Try asking Niantic for that in chats for the other games and stop bothering agents.

  • Niantic made the locations to pull from OSM, OSM didn't say niantic you need to use these locations. It was their choice. Until they admit they changed the rules by doing it. You can argue your opinion. But when your opinion is proven wrong. You'll owe me an apology. Because the guide/help are their to guide you to make decisions based on the criteria having something to do with it. Everything I've suggested meets it. One shape or form. Can like or hate them. They are still valid for suggesting.

  • I think you should learn the new game and learn how the game play is. If your an OPR and not reviewing based on all 3 game styles you shouldn't be able to OPR. It should be a requirement that OPR's play the different games so they know what is required of the POI's and locations they are needed at.

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    Here's the thing, it isn't. Just saying it should doesn't make it so.

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    You're wrong. OPR stands for Operation PORTAL recon. There is absolutely NO reason to a POI to be rated by it's different usage in every game. After all, the criteria are the same. Why there's isn't something alike in the other games? That's the issue here, but is mostly because Niantic don't trust the player base community of the other games.

    Ingress needs portals, since the only way to play the game is interact with it. The other games don't need it. You just need them to stock your inventory, them you go spend it capturing you'd virtual pets/sticker.

    Be honest, you are just lazy and want your local park to have more poi to being able to not running out of items while sitting at the same place.

    Still, the flags aren't POI by the definition of the term. Flags don't go over OPR. Flags don't even have a name or picture, so a normal player would just think it's a random thing. They are not portals.

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    @TimerCiock Stop Using Logical fallacies to try to make arguments. They don't prove anything but the fact you can't make a valid argument for your points without making false statements.

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    @TimerCIock ...

    Do you go by the name "Gabriel0322" on the Ingress OPR Reddit?

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    @Mickster Yes they are one and the same. The Notorious Portal Submitter of Dog Poop and Electrical Towers.

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