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When will the OPR guide be updated to what is allowed amongst all of Niantic's games? The different games have different play styles. HPWU is more a sit at a park and grow type game with how the fortresses are. Ingress is about distance with MU's. Pokemon is about being mobile and catching them all while raiding at every gym... The guide should be updated to allow specific areas for each game allowed to be edited. Currently, HPWU has multiple areas that would be auto 1 stars from OPR's, but we can't get those areas that have flags to have portals in them to spawn more things in HPWU. Additionally the guide should have more things listed in them to what is allowed. Example a park, should have all structures and things that are allowed to have portals in them to make OPR's lives much easier.



  • @Kliffington Does this post mention those?

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    The objective and playstyle of each game don't have any connections with the criteria of approval of points of interest.

  • Objective and play style do matter. The games are what are played more so than OPR. The points of interest the community is trying to obtain is important to the communities to grow. If OPR's continue to limit on only pretty things, then areas that are really deep in rural areas will never get anything. You can not expect a rural area to only have pretty POI's and not expect to approve some generic things. If you follow the Help video, rural areas are supposed to have some things that are not supposed to be normally approved in a city because they are in the middle of no where! Parks fall under rural areas, as they are major areas that are under developed and no way to grow because they are community gathering places, unless generic things are allowed for parks.

    Contradictions between games and their nests are important to be identified and a guide written to explain what is allowed and what is not allowed in OPR. HPWU has banks and atm's as nests, yet OPR Rules and every OPR person would say they are 1 star reviews. Yet HPWU can't get the portals needed for those nests. This is one of the 10 nest types in the game. HPWU relies on POI's as things spawn because of them. No POI's the less spawns in the nest area. What is the point of a nest area that can't have nests? OPR is in charge of all of the games whether OPR's like it or not. And some guidance now since there is technically still 4 games out now, should have some set rules that each game needs to be able to work properly.... If you think about it, if an OPR plays all 4 games, the cell structure between them doesn't even make sense and causes confusion for most OPR's that are older than me...

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    Nests, flags and spawns are not selected by opr. The criteria of approval of poi is the same for every game and since all use the same points, different rules would just cause a mess. Maybe if each game had its own database this could be considered.

    A point of interest is literally a point of interest. Rural areas unfortunately don't have so many point of interest and I'm sorry for everyone under this condition, but the reality is what it is: these games are not made for these people's. Maybe some day they change the rules of spawns, but the poi will still remain mostly the same. HP already have a good system that give more rewards from poi in rural areas, that's a good thing!

    And pois don't need to be pretty, but had to be interesting and cultural value. Benches aren't interesting.

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    HPWU has banks and atm's as nests, yet OPR Rules and every OPR person would say they are 1 star reviews. 

    Oh, and thats probably just a coincidence that the flags are located there. The map uses open street maps and maybe some other hidden features. The flags of HP aren't POIs.

  • Disagree. The point is Niantic needs to clarify and update the guide to properly allow all 4 games to have POI's they designed the game around and added through OPR reviews. Rural Areas could get more things if OPR's didn't 1 star everything. Parks have cultural value things in parks have it as well, just OPR's are vested in pretty things only. ("Benches aren't interesting" because they look the same. But are used by people all around the world daily... Between parks, colleges, rural and city areas have them. It is a portal idea that works for all areas including ones that are limited.) Everything has a history behind it. The differences are prettiness.... Parks are also a safe location that can be accessible. If you voted instead of using the generic item button, more things would be approved., But OPR's reject things as standard instead of reviewing them as a submission with all the criteria decided because they say it is generic. Yet they don't know for sure if Niantic would reject them, as there is no guide allowing it. 90% of things rejected doesn't have a guide for them. Because it is easier to 1 star than to do a full review. There is nothing pretty about a playground, most are the exact same types around the world that are approved. They are only approved because the guide says it can. There is no difference for anything else in a park that is a physical fixed structure.... Parks don't have pretty things... But they do have physical things that do not move and the community across all of the games wants more POI's.. Yet OPR's don't care what the community wants the people they are playing the 4 games... More things should be approved and defined. The point of all 4 games is to get people outside. Parks help people all over the world with having a place to go... Rural areas benefit. You're an OPR, give an idea of a submission that should be approved that is rejected normally.... That is the point of this.

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    You know the user of the OPR are all player, right? There is players deciding if your submissions are good or not. The OPR isn't just random people who hate the community...

    What exactly you are trying to submit as POIs? You are just complaining but are not giving clear examples. And wich is the 4th game?

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    @Hydraulinski In his other thread he specifies hes trying to get Electrical Towers, Dog Poop Waste Stations, Water Fountains, Bike Racks, and Grill/Picnic Tables approved.

  • This post is for everything that has no logic as to why they are rejected....

    Another good example since we are on the topic of the guide needing to be updated.... OPR's say they are not good submissions.... Yet want things for kids, yet schools, Karate businesses, game stores, day cares are places where children are daily... Yet they are rejected... What logic does OPR's have? You want things where kids can do them, yet you reject them when we do.... Then say the submissions are unsafe because of kids... The game is played by Adults and kids..... Yet most of the time kids are playing with adults....

    Bar's.... These are a location in the Help that say they should be approved. But are rejected every day as a generic business.... They are strictly for adult gathering. Yet rejected every day...

  • Community piers and boat ramps... They are man-made fixed structures on natural features. Per the help list it should be approved. Yet rejected more times then approved.

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    @TimerCIock A Karate Studio should be approved as it promotes exercise. The biggest key for getting stuff approved is taking a great photo and providing a really good description.

    A board game/video game store this is tough, but if you sell the description, or provide a good story sure this could get approved if its a locally owned store. A store like Best Buy or GameStop should be an auto deny as they are large corporate chains.

    Bars, well most should be denied they are fairly generic, Have a local bar with great art/decorations? Submit the art/dectorations. A local hotspot that the whole town goes to? Submit that but provide the history/why its important. A brewery near by? Submit it, its special craft brewery is a hyper local cool hotspot.

    To rephrase, take time getting good pictures, provide a real history/good story about it. It does wonder to sell the portal and get an approval.

  • @Hydraulinski Agreed. HP does use OSM. The POI's in OSM are the nests. Not a coincidence. I know that for a fact, as I am a mapper too. HP has more building types and nest types than the other games. Having a good variety at parks requires more POI portals at the parks. Same would go for all of the other nest types. Which currently breaks some of the rules for OPR. Schools have nest flags. Banks and atms have them. Other various items have them as well. Yet most of them would be rejected by OPR currently. Niantic needs to update the guide to allow a set of rules for all of the games redefining whats allowed and what's not.... The current guide doesn't work well for HPWU. OPR's can say HPWU has nothing to do with OPR, well your wrong. Even in HPWU they tell you to play ingress to add more submissions. Until they define whats allowed for all of the games, submissions will be wasted by everyone, because what you guys are doing and what they want for the other games is different.... The rules changed and we shouldn't be frowned on for asking for new guides and things... If you disagree with one of those things you don't need to submit it then. That simple. But you shouldn't eliminate something that does help areas with nothing.

  • Niantic is the one that can decide whats allowed and whats not. Not us. They decide to put it in a guide and say no these are not allowed, then at least I made progress.... Because nothing gets updated in the guide which every OPR follows.... Yet they don't follow and approve things that aren't even in the guide every day.

  • Go on your community facebook groups for the various games. I bet you will learn people are frustrated with the lack of POI's.

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    I think you are mixing up what a POI is.

    Just because they flag an area as a nest doesnt make it a POI, a POI is a portal. Also just because in HP its a nest doesnt mean its a good POI. A Bank would be a very generic business and shouldnt be a POI.

    While it is unfortunate that the tagging is different along different games, that doesnt change what a good POI is. The guide/AMAs still hold true for what a good POI is across all of the games.

  • Schools were marked correct on OSM. It's the problem with the amenities at the school. Playgrounds, sports fields, etc... are at schools too. They are nests in HPWU. In HPWU the nests are specific locations, which all break the rules of OPR. Until it is brought up and Niantic issues a clarification to OPR on what's allowed and what's not... It will be a constant debate on everything rejected by everyone. Because some OPR's are running out of things. Some cities have too many OPR's... Some cities have too little OPR's... The guide is outdated and needs a clean up because Niantic came out with a new game this year.... HPWU has different play style and rules to follow. OPR's should be informed because it effects the submission process because of the new game. Until people agree on the guide needing to be updated and more defined to allow all 4 games to be on the same page, because now there is 3 different games with different play styles, they won't ever do it. (4 games if you count redacted different than prime.)

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    While the school is a nest in HPWU, schools should not be locations that have actual portals/stops/inns. This has been plainly stated by Niantic. So just because its tagged a certain way in HPWU doesnt make it anymore eligible for OPR.

  • The schools don't have portals. Yet they have a whole field with a nest flag. If Niantic didn't want it to happen. They would of made the change already in an update. The game has been out for numerous updates..... Yet neither the game nor OPR have change. So how do you know your opinion is right anymore? Asking for a clarification as to what is allowed and what is not allowed by Niantic on Niantic's Forum, is what we are supposed to do..... Asking for more clarification. Same with fixed structures in parks. I am asking Niantic for clarification and a decision. Because that is the point of this page.... So arguing with me, is pointless. What you should be doing is asking Niantic for an updated guide for OPR that covers all 4 games.

    Niantic is the one who controls their mapping in game and what version of software they are using from OSM depending on the game. They should have a more regular schedule as to when they are updating the OSM to resolve some of these errors that people call some of the nests because of an out dated rule in OPR that was around prior to the new game. I tend to disagree... And think the rules changed. Until Niantic makes a response as to whether they indeed changed the rules and new guides will be issued. We can have a debate back and forth. Because things get approved that are not on the Guide.

    Some tries to deny that parks were not intended to have more things is idiotic. If they didn't want to parks popular, they wouldn't use them for events and nests.... All of those things are valid submissions in parks that should be allowed as they meet the criteria of different things except uniqueness/pretty.

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    You really think it's safe for a kid being wandering around a pier while distracted? Or even and adult.

  • @Hydraulinski kids fish off of them every day.

    Yea hpwu does have to with opr. Same with pokemon go. Same with ingress. You can't be an opr without ingress. Ingress is primarily an adult game. If I followed everyone's logic kids shouldn't be in the mix if your going by opr has nothing to do with the games. Making everything valid yet again.

  • @Hydraulinski half the places where kids are supposed to be at are on the do not submit list.

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    These flags have nothing to do with ingress or OPR, so stop mentioning then and crying about it. They're not POI.

  • You need pois in there areas. To get them to spawn correct. I can argue on here as this controls the poi portal submissions. Until niantic clarifies what they want in those areas. We all are guessing. They need to define as it effects us all.

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    That's were you are failing to understand the thing. A poi should not be approved just to help a spawn. This is a bonus feature they got. There is plenty of areas with no POI with a lot of spawns of pokemon and Harry Potter stuff.

    Raising the spawn aren't a criteria of approval.

  • They are POI's on OSM which niantic pulls the data from. They are considered POI's, just for a different thing. HPWU pulls POI's from OSM. Ingress POI's are portals, they are approved, if those ingress POI's are in the same area as the flag, than you are making the nest work in HPWU. There are some nests in HPWU that won't spawn anything currently, eventhough the flag say its a nest. Nothing spawns. But you can't get things in some of those areas, because nothing in the guide allows them as it contradicts everything in OPR rules for doing things in those areas. Another example is a department store. How do we get a POI in a department store.... It won't happen. Most OPR's won't approve anything there as a reult. So another issue. HPWU brings up issues. I am hear voicing them, because I do play the hell out of all of the games. Because it is my hobby. We shouldn't have to dish out money to get a POI approved. City and town's shouldn't have to put up signs on everything because then you are limiting funding for new things. It's a catch 22 on everything any way you look at it. Until Niantic clarifies the issues between games and cleans up the guides. We will all be hear dreaming about what if's.

    @RedSoloCup might be able to clear this up too. On what to do about the guides amongst all of the games. Each game was built for different play styles, each has areas that would help each other that are currently not in the guide. The guide should be updated per AMA's decisions as well and located all in OPR guide so everyone has access to the same information.

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    You continue to not understand any of the games you play. Please take the time to learn before you waste everyone's time. POIs are portals, gyms, pokestops, inns, greenhouses and fortresses. Pokemon spawns and the HP stuff have nothing to do with POI. Pokemon spawns tend to correlate with ingress XM (at least in the past). POI is one thing and it all stems from portals submitted to ingress and then reviewed by OPR.

    Portals don't necessarily add spawns. Correcting the designations in OSM and waiting for the games to sync is your best bet. From what I've understood the games only get POI from ingress at this point, everything else is determined from other sources. Also only three games. prime/redacted are the same game with different faces.

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