August 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread




    Did you enjoy your vacation?

    It seems to have been a good holiday. 

    By the way, there are many character medals at Ingress. I believe that if you tap a medal and the character's voice is played, the number of characters and lore fans will increase.(I think a paid voice patch is also acceptable)

    What do you think.

    Thank you for reading!

  • Hi

    2 questions

    It's been possible to use the app to report cheating and send proofs from the app itself, like photographs of places, select the name of the agent from de comm and the portal to reference where to look for evidence?

    It's possible, due the lack of actualization of Google street, add photo from the app when you marc a portal like no valid?

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    Can Niantic please look at fixing vrla and other link bugs? Ie throw link, link goes through, vanishes, key returned. Thanks.

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    Many players didn't receive anymore notifications from the old scanner (Redacted), does Niantic know the problem and plan to fix it ?

  • Hope you had a fantastic time away!


    Meatballs covered with Marinara and multiple cheeses and a thick garlic cheese bread? 😊😊😍😍


    Your Mom's Lasagna? 😊😊😍😍

  • Ingress : The Animation and the Dunraven case studies brought us new unknown glyphs. One from the anime is now known as the LINK glyph, but do the other glyphs from the episode 7 already have a meaning ?

  • @RedSoloCup 

    Hello, I would like to share my experience as an Embedded Reporter and player. I must tell you that I did not like my experience as a reporter. The intensity of the event mixed with the requirement of 3 photos per hour made the task extremely difficult for me while taking pictures at the same time. In my opinion, reporters should be able to be players and reporters or just reporters and still have their medals like players who do recharge rooms. Notify the players well and give them the opportunity without being penalized and you will have more beautiful pictures. If there are any errors in the text, I am sorry because I am French-speaking.

    Translated with

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    Hello, what about mcdonals playground, Can be portals? Thanks

  • Hi Andres, thank you for doing another AMA!

    With Apple introducing "Sign in with Apple", and make this mandatory for all iOS applications with social network sign in, does NIA aware of the situation, and does NIA have a plan to introduce Sign in with Apple ID to better protect the privacy of agents?

  • And the center commercials can be portals ? Thanks

  • With PRIME coming along, what is the status of the Revamping of the Banner Missions End to End System? I understand PRIME is the priority, but can you share update s? 😊😊😊

  • I've not been able to successfully submit a portal via Prime. It's the only thing I currently use redacted for. Will issues like this be addressed before redacted is sunsetted?

  • Ingress has been so far prevalently focused on PvP. While I understand that PvP will remain main focus for Ingress, are there any plans to add any kind of PvE content after turning off scanner redacted and migrating to other servers? If so, can you provide any kind of "sneak-peek" of what is planned in PvE content and whether it will be XF?

  • When I get a notification in Prime (your portal is being attacked) there is no name of the agent who attack which is very uncool. Will there be a change of the notification text?

  • Hi Andrew. Is the 25km radius for submission bug going to be fixed? Once I was trying to submit outside of the 25km radius, but the location pin wasn't being pushed back. It was letting me add pictures, title and description, only failing in the end. Use either circles or squares, not both. Also on location selection for submission, it would be nice if instead of the plain satellite view, we could see the hybrid satellite view with names of places and landmarks.

  • I have an idea regarding portal nominations. How about adding some dummy portals in portal less areas manually by Niantic using Google maps information?

    There are lots of place all over the world where there are very less or almost 0 POIs, hence people can't level up to submit new ones. It's like the Chicken-egg problem. And waiting for Ingress/Pokémon GO travellers isn't a solution, because it's not certain when and whether they will come or not . Such places are deprived of portals for years and nothing seems to help them.

    So my idea is, you can add a page in your website asking city name, address, geographic coordinates, and some available good POIs (as suggestions). Then NIA may look over the place using Google maps and and some temporary & dummy portals based on the map information, there's no need to add image or description, just name of Portal is enough at that point. Then, the next player to interact with the POI in Ingress/Pokémon GO will be asked to submit (in-game) image, name, description upon first time interaction, irrespective of levels. Those will be manually reviewed by NIA quickly or given highest priority in OPR, so that the agreement reaches quickly. If approved, it will be added or removed upon rejection. The player who interacted with the dummy POI, won't be allowed to interact it in-game before submission of portal details. Upon submission, he/she will be allowed to interact normally even if it's dummy.

    In the mean time, if any other player submits it normally and that gets approved, then the dummy one will be removed upon first interaction and submission of details and review.

    I hope that may help to improve rural problems easily.

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    I have 2 questions for you.

    Will you hold the global event in September?

    Won’t you change the name of XM anomaly Umbra?

  • Last year a player has been banned for submitting photos of portals with a green filter and other green touch. The player has been ban but its work is still online. How will you deal with it? Should you delete all the photos submitted by this player or review one by one?

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    Did you make your handle. RedSoloCup, before or after Solo started to produce their iconic cup in colors other than red?

  • Three questions, in rough order of priority:

    OPR question, as much as I dislike them - Can we have clarification on sports sub-facilities, for lack of a better word? Are multiple ball diamonds in the same complex/park valid as multiple portals? Are individual lanes in a bowling alley? Different ice sheets in an arena? Tables in a pool hall? While I'm aware you can't comment on specific situations, is there a rule of thumb you or NIA Ops can articulate for this sort of situation?

    Lore question - Anime season two? Any word? It certainly seemed to be set up!

    Beer question - What's the best lager you've had in the past six months? Bonus points if I can get it in Canada.

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