Decision about second half of 2019 MDs

Please, when it will be possible to know Niantic decision about MD, that we'be been appling for the end of the August?



  • A Niantic staff will contact the PoC for setting up the MD. Chances are your application is still under review. I can check if you let me know which city you are talking about. 😃

  • Thank you! I'm talking about Pilsen, Czechia.


    @NianticHilda do you know that during summer there is a vacation period which we like to use to visit missiondays ? more you delay decisions, harder for us to attend at these events. at this time, events till end of september should be fixed and published, so we can arrange traveling. delaying announcements makes it hard for us.

  • @NianticHilda yurisk is right about everything. This waiting is even making the possible organizing way harder. The applications were submitted like 3 months ago.. And we still don't know a single word and no one is telling us nothing more then "not yet decided". These events are supposed to be happening for the players right? With minimum effort from NIA by my point of view.. Players are willing to do something for players tho forever waiting for the answer from NIA (We were first applying in 2017, without a single word from NIA)... Time is running out and it's going to be way harder and way more hectical to organise something then it would be with the time pool we were hoping to get (that's why we were applying so much in advance)...

    It's kinda frustrating 😔

  • @Faeryen I can see that we replied via email to the application you mentioned back in April. For your newer application we will get back to you.

  • @NianticHilda well, yeah, I was answering the email becose I was not sure what application is it tied to, but never got the answer 😔

  • About getting back to me. I know you will.. At some point. But the main matter is how long it will take? Week before MD with negative stance, or month in advance with positive one? That's it.. Both cases are wrong by my point of view 😒

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