Local multi accounter

1 account was banned for spoofing, he just started another account, making 4 total accounts. We have reported but nothing ever happens, really driving players away due to the cheating that seems to be tolerated in the game.


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    When you report the spoofers, make sure to send in all available evidence to support that claim. So don't just report "He is a spoofer, ban him". But send screenshots of his gameplay, player profile, portal links + timestamp of suspicious behavior etc. Anything that can support the claim will make it easier for NIAOPS to do something about it.

  • There was a post on G+ at some point from NiaOPS in which they explained a bit about tickets. They actually do not need much info: name of the suspected spoofer (this is probably already enough), intel map link of a portal where the spoof took place + time at which it took place.

    For me, this seems to work quite well indeed.

    Based upon it I guess that they use their own criteria to determine the actions taken against an account, regardless of how many maps, pictures, videos, stories you send in.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭

    how do u know its the same guy ? did someone get visual of him doing things with multiple accounts but only 1 person seen ?

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    This can not be proved , nor can you prove that a spoofer is not in the same portal that you are

  • zqsdzqsd ✭✭

    That's true, it's impossible to prove multiaccounts. Been trying here for years, only that seems to trigger a ban is when they make a mistake and get flagged by the automatic Niantic anticheat. But reports on multiaccounts seem useless.

    And for a reason, nothing can prove Niantic that there is only one person using two phones. To Niantic's eyes it could be a second person just storing items for the agent, but friend him/herself doesn't want to play Ingress. A "human mule" to Niantic's eyes, and it is totaly legit.

    Even a video can't prove anything, because you could show another agent, faked the video or anything. Plus I don't think Niantic would appreciate and encourage to take videos of poeple without their knowledge.

  • while i cant claim to have seen him, ever even at portals i was near, i can confirm that as soon as the banwave went out the new account showed up up using all the same common anchors the old account used and was definitely advanced play tactics compared to an actual noob, also hidden stats, and a name that requires understanding of team dynamics (and is defaming towards frogs)

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    well no but just sayin, just because u suspect doesnt mean someone is guilty always...

  • I've witnessed players using multiple accounts firsthand on many occasions. And there's literally nothing that can be done about it. Niantic can't stop it. It's really up to the local community to allow them in or not. The good communities don't allow it. The shady ones look the other way. Making multi accounters play alone and not part of the team is all you can do. You have to accept the things you can control and ignore the cheaters.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭

    well u are wrong, i think niantic can see in their systems internal hopefully multi-account users, so best is if u have screenshots of the actual suspected accounts playing etc and send them in and let niantic investigate this with proof u provide and see what happens.

  • zqsdzqsd ✭✭

    I am not sure what kind of screenshot you consider proof there was only one person with two accounts.

    Just give agent name, date and portal. And explain the nature of suspected cheating (exchanging items, switching accounts, spoofing, ...). Niantic has way more info than we simple players can have by a simple screenshot.

    They can know stats even with hidden profiles, know when and were accounts have exchanged items and with which other accounts. Niantic could most likely even know which accounts are on a same device.

  • At least they could restrict the usage to one device per account.

    That would leave multiaccounters to players with multiple devices. Even if they get away with it, it would be a much lesser amount and communities should take the actions there, since that costs extra money :)

    "But that would be pay to win!" - It always has been.

  • I'm afraid is not possible to prove on different devices, even when the same devide is used is hard to tell, you should go into stuff like Glyphing and some other possible patterns that may be unique to a given player.

    But you know who actually could tell? Google :D

  • zqsdzqsd ✭✭

    It's not that easy.

    I'm pretty sure most multiaccounters use two devices to by pass Niantic multiaccount detection. It's quite common to see pokémon players with two phones. A lot of people have a tablet at home.

    Some phones have a dual app feature that clone and sandbox any app, allowing the user to use two accounts on the same app. Rooting can do the same, they just have to take extra steps to bypass niantic root detection.

    But maybe that's still a good idea to allow one account per phone per week, not many would risk to root their phone, it could at least force multiaccounters to switch between less accounts.

    I know an agent that have created at least 20 accounts over the past years. and he is kind of obvious in doing so, I am pretty sure many agents are not that stupid and go unoticed, local community can't do much against that, only Niantic could.

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