Aurora GLYPH challenge

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So, almost 1 hour ago many agents could see a new statistic on the scanner, but this one was removed.

"Aurora: unique Glyph Hack Points"

  1. A little quick experiment, we saw i was a statistic about glyphing unique portals. i mean, you got 1 point when you glyph correctly a portal, when you glyph the same portal later you don't get a extra point
  2. Second thing was that you HAVE TO glyph all the sequences correctly, if you make a mistake you don't get a point
  3. You would get the same amount of points for an L1 glyph as a L8 glyph. You'd almost be better of searching those out if you aren't proficient with glyphing. (thanks @Glenuendo for this tip)

About a medal, we don't have any notice but maybe we'd get news about it

PD: It's funny. Myriad wanted to take down the portal network and we hack a hack unique portal event, now Aurora wants to take down the glyph and we saw a glyph unique portal event

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