Features that Can't be implemented until Redacted is retired



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    I don't like the idea of ​​bringing similar things from PoGo and HP, fighting for something unexpected on the portals, going out to explore the portals and not knowing what will happen ... I hate surprises and relying on luck is discouraging, that's why I left PoGo after knowing Ingress, I'm not CONSTANTLY induced to spend money to have a full gaming experience and I can control my game without relying on luck ( except for hacked items, but ito's help a lot to change that). And of course, medals that are really relevant.

  • I did miss the zip car code thing for the most part, because I wasn't involved in much of the Ingress related social media back then. I did have more than 2000 items in my inventory at some point, but never heard of anyones scanner crashing because of it.

    My point was that the Itemlimit of 2000 isn't specific to pre-prime versions of the scanner. However after learning this, I stand corrected. It would be more accurate that some form of Itemlimit is required for redacted and older versions for technical reasons.

  • Ingress is a game that has multiple games built in, and that is something that has always intrigued me. We have here two teams fighting over local cell MU championship every cycle and every CP. Individuals and teams are ready to go into the field within 5 minutes when ”larger” local fields appear, to protect or to destroy, whichever team he/she belongs to.

    In the rural areas local MU score is also fought fiercely over here, so I find your comment hugely generalized and inaccurate. If you do not care about MU game, you should not say nobody cares about it. In my opinion it is the salt and pepper of this game!

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