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Hello agents.

We are R.U.N.E., reunited under noble experience.

A crossfaction organization with our own storyline, incl. our own book, tradingcards and much more.

Founded 2018 by agent Bl4ckpriest in vienna.

if you are interested in joining an innovative and new view of ingress, join us.


founder of rune: @Bl4ckPriest

ground leader: @whysofar

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  • GuschtelGuschtel ✭✭✭

    Own ToS as well it seems?

  • Yes. We follow the ToS of ingress, but we have own rules too. Fairplay is one of our most important rules.

  • GuschtelGuschtel ✭✭✭

    Are you aware of the actions of Niantic against some of the accounts used by your members? Seems 'following ToS of ingress' has quite a wide range of interpretation.

  • Who do you mean by that?

  • enough with lies rumors etc. we do not support cheating and there are no cheaters in our group.

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    Hm. Your non-public comments on Telegram tell otherwise. Have something to hide? Just explain yourself here :)

    Pro-Tip: It's common in private conversations to introduce yourself to avoid getting blocked right away. You're welcome.

  • R.U.N.E. is a great experience with awesome people. Cheaters and trolls not allowed and are dealt with swiftly. Great to have friends not just in your area but all around the world

  • @Guschtel

    i was asking for the reason of your unfriendly comment. nothing else. well, it seems you dont have enough of courage to find a solution in a private chat. btw, i live in vienna. we can talk face to face. oh...yes....not enough of courage....

  • R.U.N.E. Is a good time to have and it's great to play with the other agents!

  • now i will explain myself here. and what we are.

    No. I dont have anything to hide. Why should i? R.U.N.E. is a community, a family an XF team operating world wide. We are focusing on peace between the factions because ingress should not become a real war. That kind of war you are trying to start. We already have many enl and res agents in our lines. Again, we do not support cheating. We live a very unique experience. We are many and we are one. Yes, with own rules. Yes, with a different kind of story.

    We know who sent you. We know why. Its a personal thing between him and Whysofar. If you act like a poor dog, jump when he tells you to jump, you are not better than him.

    Anyway, there is no reason for this kind of harrassment. If needed, i will send any Screenshots of any comments here and on telegram to niantic.

  • GuschtelGuschtel ✭✭✭
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    Show me where i made an unfriendly comment, please?

    You are the one making assumptions, allegations and accusations (against me?) in this thread.

    That's probably the friendly family-like behaviour you are talking about? :-)

    So far, I've only been asking about facts which you seem to want to hide? Otherwise you could simply honestly and openly explain how your members behaviour (in the past?) match your definition of "following the ToS".

    But to answer your last phrase, let me quote some of the rules:

    No cheating

    Don’t do it. Play fair. Our games are meant to be played on mobile devices and get you outside to have adventures in the real world. Don’t deny yourself or someone else of an authentic gameplay experience by cheating.

    Unfortunately, methods of cheating are limited only by cheaters’ imaginations, and include the following:

    - using modified or unofficial software,

    - playing with multiple accounts (one account per player),

    - using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location (“spoofing”),

    - sharing accounts,

    - intentionally exploiting a bug to gain reward,

    - abusing refund policy and mechanism,

    - buying or selling in-game currency or items on third-party platforms,

    - buying/selling/trading accounts,

    - or any other activity that is in violation of Niantic’s Terms of Service, available here: https://nianticlabs.com/terms/

    Seems they are hard to understand for some of your members.

  • @Guschtel

    Well, you can see that you want ... As for the request regarding our members, these are without doubt and in a case of misconduct also accused and excluded in the worst case, this is for the fairness of the other members! I can only invite you to talk with us personally! 

  • @NianticAkshay could somebody remove that guschtel guy please? i am tired of those sensless discussion. He wont talk personally or face to face. Absolutely senseless.

  • GuschtelGuschtel ✭✭✭
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    That is really fun, to read that from you,especially. Well for me personally, my opinion is based on facts. Facts about accounts that Niantic banned for not following the ToS. Accounts that belonged to members of R.U.N.E.

    Since you also seem to know about it, you could simply openly explain to others what happened, why they were banned and how that matches the definition of following the ingress ToS.

    The world is not as it seems. Feel free to define your world differently, but the facts speak for themselves.

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  • GuschtelGuschtel ✭✭✭
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    Feel free to come to my town, if you want to discuss with me face-to-face. We'll make a session that will be recorded and published here for others to get to know some of R.U.N.E.s members perception about the ToS better.

    You can then answer questions about your R.U.N.E. members where you stated that this happened "5 years ago" (as you wrote on Telegram). Let me do some basic math.

    2019-5 = 2014.

    So what you are saying is, that bans from Niantic, that (to my knowledge) happened in 2017 (as well as the years before) happened 5 years ago? Not only your math is flawed, i'm sorry.

    And regarding your comment to NIA staff, feel free to add that you "threatened" me to report me to NIA (for what again?) as well. :D

  • @Guschtel if you know the guidelines of thos community... I think you don't read it correctly.....

  • @NianticCasey please

  • sorry for german version...didnt have time to translate

    Fangen wir nochmal höflich an.

    Man kennt mich als Bl4ckpriest. Gründer von R.U.N.E.

    Ich will uns die chance geben, zivilisiert und unter 4 digitalen Augen zu kommunizieren. Obgleich ich zu wissen glaube, an wen du das hier weiterleiten wirst. 

    Zunächst will ich dich wissen lassen, dass ich auf Grund meines gigantischen Netzwerkes inzwischen weis, dass du dafür bekannt bist, dich ständig zu beschweren und andere anzuprangern. Das scheint auch an Niantic nicht vorbei gegangen zu sein. 

    Weiters sollst du verstehen, dass ich keine Namen - aus welchem Grund auch immer - öffentlich herausgeben kann. Dir ist sicher die Datenschutzgrundverordnung ein Begriff. 

    Ausserdem sagst du, du hättest Informationen l darüber, dass meine Leute gegen die ToS verstoßen würden. Was auch immer vor Jahren passiert sein soll, ist vorbei. Vielleicht hat Whysofar einen Fehler gemacht. Einen kleinen. Am Ende greifst du aber MEIN WERK AN. Eine Schöpfung die 6 Monate Vorbereitung und 1 Jahr zum Aufbau gebraucht hat. 

    Ich selbst wurde fälschlicherweise in der Vergangenheit des Multiaccountings beschuldigt. Der Grund war, dass die Löschung eines alten Accounts sehr lange gedauert hat. 

    Nichts desto Trotz gebe ich uns eine Chance, das zu klären. Darum habe ich folgende Fragen:

    Was hast du gegen uns?

    Warum hörst du nicht auf obwohl bekannt ist, dass du das immer wieder tust? Keiner respektiert das. 

    Wieso greifst du uns immer wieder an? 

    Schämst du dich nicht? 

    ‌Gerne kommuniziere ich auch via Video Chat um ein anständiges Gespräch zu führen. Eine weitere Ablehnung jeglicher privater Kommunikation sowie Angriffe im Forum werte ich als Respektlosigkeit, was gegen die ToS verstößt. 

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