Ghost Towns of Colorado: the trek to Geneva City

Last summer, agent @0Eric0 and I started to read up on the lore surrounding the many old mining towns in our state. Many still have old buildings standing, but most are remote, at high altitudes, and require good off-road equipment to get to. Once you manage to get there, you may or may not have access to cell service. We first found our way to an old town called Geneva City, pretty near Guanella Pass, at an altitude of about 12,000 ft. The rumors of buried treasure in the area were too hard to resist! Our first effort failed. After 6 miles of extremely technical 4WD tracks we were thwarted by a snow slide that wasn't safe to cross even on foot, and we turned back. We went back a few weeks later and this time succeeded! We found the ghost town (but sadly, no buried treasure) and submitted some of the historic buildings as portals.

This summer our first attempt to revisit the area and capture those portals was once again thwarted... This time by a landslide that blocked the trail. Here are the photos from our second, and this time successful ascent with our trusty ATVs, which are much more sure-footed on the loose rocks and steep climbs of the sometimes very narrow trail. It's a beautiful spot, and you can almost feel the presence of the tough old miners and their mules who made this journey on foot with all of their supplies for the summer. Colorado history is amazing. Thanks #Ingress for encouraging us to get out there and explore!


  • I love how Ingress encourages us to get out there and explore. What an amazing trip!

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