I made the world record again! Leveling up from 1 to 16 in only 94 minutes

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A little over a week ago Niantic announced that during L8-week apex would add up to 6x AP. As soon as I read the announcement, I knew what had to be done. As the plan for the world record has already been made by agent Scruive, the only thing we needed was keys. Luckily Scruive had some leftover keys from last year so we didn't need to farm the keys from zero. On Saturday we started to build the base links for the fields and the plan was to start linking at midnight. Then, a local frog destroyed our base links and we had to think how would we build it back again. We invited Lekteri81 with us and then we destroyed all the blockers, farmed the last keys needed and built the base again. Finally at 3:44am I could recurse and start linking while the supporters deployed, modded and flipped the portals for me. The game only crashed once while linking and luckily there weren't any major bugs. At 5:18am I hit level 16 and only a minute after that we all got scanner communication errors :D

As the last record made by me and Scruive was 2h 43min (163 minutes) with 4x ap, the new record of 94 minutes with 6x ap is 69 minutes faster than the previous one.

Thank you very much Scruive for the planning, organizing, farming and supporting. Without him, this record couldn't be made at all. And thank you Lekteri81 for helping to make the record even faster.



  • Congratulations.... Again! 😊

  • caderouxcaderoux ✭✭✭

    Length of spine, number of SBULs used, number of VRBB or Jarvis used?

  • The base is complicated, not a spine. 248 sbul and 62 jarvis

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    You still averaged 1.88 fields per link so effectively the same technique even if it's not a single spine, right? Based on SBUL usage, this would have been 60 hubs throwing 40 links per hub with 4 SBUL.

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    Awesome effort

  • Muchas Felicidades 🎈🎂🎉

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    How do you level up from 1 to 16 in only 94 minutes? How do you get a ton of AP linking? Do you have to live in say New York City?

  • You need an event when there is 2x AP and 3x multiplier from APEX. Then you need to build a base with 40 portals to link to with the link order being from the farthest to the shortest. And finally you need a place with at least 40 portals where you can linkg to those 40 base portals that you have connected together. I live in a city with only 120k citizens so it doesn't have to be NYC.

  • so, you couldn't wait for a link to complete before making the next link? that's why you got only 1.88 fields per link, and not 1.925.

  • Yep, I couldn't wait for every link, because it would have taken too much time. I still tried to wait for AP to show up most of the time

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    For something like this, if I do everything except the one bottom link, then do it last, creating a lot of CFs, at once, will that generate way more AP than making a big CF, then a smaller one, then a smaller one…over and over?

    I’m currently key farming to make one of these with about 25 CFs in it.

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    Nope, it doesn't work that way.

    When a link to be created is shared by multiple triangles it follows some rules in order to decide which of those triangles will become an actual control field.

    For the sake of simplicity let's assume that the triangles sharing the link are just two.

    If the two triangles are opposite of the link, i.e. they don't share any surface between each other, both triangles become control fields. On the contrary, if the triangles are nested in one another, ONLY THE BIGGER triangle becomes a control field.

    In the example you posted you have a bunch of triangles that all share the bottom link and they are all nested within each other. Thus if you were to create the bottom link only the outer (bigger) triangle would become a control field, and you'll get only the AP of that field. As you can see this is NOT a good way for making AP.

    As a general rule a link can create at most two* control fields (when they are on opposite sides of the link, as I said earlier), so what you want to do is to create the bottom link first and only after that you make the "sides" of the triangles.

    Let me know if something is unclear or if you have further questions.

    * nitpicking, but using exotic game mechanics (crosslinks or co-located portals) it is possible to have three or more valid triangles which would become control fields when creating a link, but in those cases a hard-coded rule of Ingress makes the action result in zero fields. Don't pay too much attention to this note, it's just to be pedantic.

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