Mod slot deploy order

I like the clear display of mods with slot numbers (I think the explicit label is new from myriad weekend?)

However, in order to have feature parity, if I deploy a mod in slot 3, my next mod should be deployed in slot 4 unless it is full or I choose another slot by hand. This behavior already exists in [redacted], but in prime I'll mod slot 3 and then the cursor moves to slot 1.


  • Agreed! That is a very useful item in redacted I wish prime had.

  • Similarly, I prefer to mod slots 2 and 3, and as it currently works, without an extra screen press, I mod slot 2, and then it defaults to modding slot 1.

  • Yes please - really miss this feature from Redacted, especially when playing with other agents at the same time

  • A very useful game feature.

  • chndrkchndrk ✭✭✭

    This appears to have been addressed. Thank you!

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