Hosette's infrequent request: Please let us recycle all purchased items

HosetteHosette ✭✭✭✭✭

It's been more than six months since I made this request...

Right now I can go to the Ingress store and buy resonators, mods, bursters, cubes and hypercubes, kinetic capsules, apex boosts, frackers, beacons, fireworks, and battle beacons. If I wanted to I could buy 100 X8, immediately recycle them, buy another hundred, immediately recycle them, and keep doing that all day. I can't recycle kcaps, apex boosts, or any of the other special boost items.

Niantic, please provide some way for people to remove these things from their inventory without the annoyance of having to slowly and tediously use them. I know y'all aren't making many feature changes to the scanner these days but could you please give support permission to remove paid items upon request? Or something else that lets people control their inventories effectively?

More than 20% of the inventory space I pay for with C.O.R.E. is now consumed by Apex boosts. I'm recursing in a few weeks (at the first portal that I ever hacked, and at the exact minute I hacked it) and I really want to use 112 inventory slots for something useful.



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