STOP MACHINA, totally lost control (again)



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    It was announced at the Kobe Anomaly that Machina will be taking a break, but will be back for the next Anomaly series in a couple of months.

    Likely to add more logic to it

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    Nice to have permanent badge but no permanent machina where is the logic 🤔

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    Strange because for me personally I saw quite a few agents that I'd never heard of pop up and make links. I'm one of those full time ingress players but I was glad to see some new faces come back once they could actually play the game with the red weed gone. Hopefully next time they can get the balance right and keep it in city centres or something. No need for it to choke the entire map

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    "Stop machina!!"

    (machina stops)

    "HEY wait a second..."

  • It would be smart, given the clear double failure of the first two attempts, to apply it first in a smaller area (say on a couple of cells) before applying it everywhere in the world

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    Creating a game where the aim is to create connections and you come up with an algorithm that doesn't make them possible, even more absurd logic.

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    Because we are the beta testers… This is what, round two or three for machina. Sounds like we’ll have another beta test during the upcoming anomaly series.

    I think most people can agree machina does need further tweaking, just crazy how it goes from overboard to straight gone..

  • Guaranteed it will be back.

    The question is, whether they will implement proper restrictions on how it grows, so that it can be managed through strategic means instead of brute force.

    Brute force against an unrelenting and unattritable opponent is not a winning strategy, yet it's the only one the game rules allow, because any other method is pointless.

    Until they work out how to allow players to strategically control Machina's growth, such as cell root limits, and not spawning in areas with no players, they should keep it turned off.

    It's a simple process to test various algorithms in a controlled environment that doesn't have the "Production" sticker on it, and they should take the time to do that.

  • The problem that so far has not been tested anywhere, or rather has been tested everywhere with a set part of the players who simply stopped. However, I believe it will return but, as already said, I would test in a few areas first.

    The double failure of the machine is well established, if I find the Intel unplayable again I don't even waste time complaining, I uninstall and GG Nia.

  • "Fix it or else" doesn't work if you're not providing viable solutions to them, unless your only goal is complete removal which would negatively impact lots of other players who enjoy the competition in their area.

    Extreme solutions always hurt more than they harm, so finding a middle ground is important.

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    personally I find it boring to go out of the house and go crazy without a purpose, if the objective is AP you can get many more with a minimum of organization, 4-500 keys of a few portals in a row and a few dozen of Soft Bank Ultra Links.

    then everyone is free to play as they want, my style involves construction (I'm not the only one). The primary aim of the game would be to make the field to help your faction win l, for all those like me, plus all those who like to do link machine is a cancer…

    then I repeat: do you invent a game where you have to make links and then invent an algorithm that prevents you from doing so?

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    Im a fielder too (made 30 M mu last week without VRBB :p ) but you have to understand not everyone likes to field or link. When u've got a field plan u need planning and time (farming 🤮) too (and gas) too.

    I see machina as an extra challenge that adds diffuclty to the game (ok its maybe too active and that should slow down). And since it cant crosslink u are able to actually do something against machina.

    And sometimes if i dont want to link or field i just go out and smash out machina (to work on my purifier and reclaimer badge) thats fun too.

    For me, machina can stay pemanent but needs some adjustments in activity and also the problem it can link to pita portals, but for the latter i dunno how can NIA put this in practice.

    PS: my biggest solofields were around 110k mu in the time where machina could crosslink , i dunno anymore how i managed it 🙈

  • do you invent a game where you have to make links and then invent an algorithm that prevents you from doing so?

    The version I outlined years ago had strategic control mechanisms baked in to ensure that players could suppress machina through gameplay, not brute force.

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    Machina is my best friend, now you will learn why.

    For better understanding why ThePoio is so upset, and became Justin Timberlake fun (do you remember "Cry me a River"?), need to provide some context for players who play outside of Golf-03 (Milan), and do not know situation on the ground.

    For quite al long period of time, "ThePoio team" dominated the area playing exclusively from the backyard portals, and yes, I mean real backyard portals, ThePoio for example, have one in his backyard, and some of the players in his team have backyard portals even unreachable for the public.

    Sitting on couple hardly reachable portals, plus portal trail near your work, will allow easy domination over megapolis area during-and-after covid times, especially with the help of imaginary friends like:

    When someone in geolocation game, where the purpose of the game is to hike, discover, explore and control your territory, be like: Quote, by ThePoio: "personally I find it boring to go out of the house and go crazy without a purpose". yes there is no purpose to sit at home with mule accounts used to transfer keys from imaginary friends in permaban. (but no worries, there is already a fresh wave of "Friends, cousins, and so on", rapidly reached level 8 in stealth mode, in the same area). on top of metagaming like fake portals, reporting legitimate portals, moving portals to wrong location to gain more nested fields, shared mule accounts... all sitting at a coach at home.

    Fun stuff: Find the backyard portal of ThePoio on the map, and you will get answer why is some players so upset with the Machina.

    And yes, during Machina expansion time, blues won all the cycles in the Milan, perfectly matches my gameplay style, move, destroy, clean, link, see new places, enjoy fine dinning in new place... preferably with real friends and family.

    I believe now you will better understand the current "Rant Thread" on the forum started by ThePoio.

    Last thing: Please make machina return back ASAP.

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  • 1) I don't have imaginary friends and I deal with key transfer personally, should I perhaps remind you that cheating accusations are against the TOS?

    2) as you rightly pointed out, the machine does only you a favor, while it should be balanced.

    3) don't worry, if I meet you in the park there's no point in running away, I won't eat. You can say a friendly hello like other Res do.

    4) Do I need to remind you that your field on Pavia with machina was down?

  • te lo scrivo sia in Italiano che in inglese, questo un esempio di come trasportiamo chiavi.

    I'm writing this to you both in Italian and in English, this is an example of how we transport keys

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  • Just to put little more context in this discussion.

    Meanwhile we "chatting" here, "fake" account with spoofed GPS "flying" at 100km/h over on mountain area (Rainy Night here) targeting RES portals and fields that provided advantage over the cell.

    At least, machina is honest. Please make it back.

  • From what I hear I'll be back soon with adjustments so it's fair and manageable (I hope they do it that way at least)

  • Just to give a little more context, this a common problem that is there in our cell:

    Using one backyard portal (a portal that follows all the current rules of wayfarer) for a field does not mean that only backyard portals are used for the whole field. As far as I can remember the usage of at least one backyard portal is a common thing between both factions and are completely acceptable according to the rules if the portals are legitimate, it also includes a portal that you have recentely used for your field.

    Furthermore, there is no proof of any accusation that you wrote to ME previously, and kindly go and read the rules and regulations of the forum before posting. 

    PS: It is clear who is "ranting" here by the way.


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    As much as the topic isn't my interest, the multiaccounting claim is really derailing the topic.

  • Unfortunately Illogico uses the blog to accuse people without proof.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    I remain of the opinion that Machina, if it were to return, would need to be improved a lot, especially on some points:

    portals that are difficult to reach

    Possible respawn once the area has been cleared

    Excessive amount of links

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    First point, it's public forum where all Agents can express their opinion regarding the matter. And because all interlinked in the game, every component of gameplay is matter.

    Second point, I do not accuse anyone, I just provide facts, well documented in this forum. (your "friends" was banned), I putting friends in quotation marks, because I do not know, it is your real cheater friends you still have relations, or not friends, but its how you called on this forum accounts banned for TOS violation.

    IMHO Machina was and will be really good for game, at least type of the game played in our cell, where few players trying to control MU without moving out of designated areas.

    Machina was able to provide some challenge for Agents and lots of fun popping red portals. It was possible to use machina as a friend or foe.

    For last Machina expansion, I managed to "hack Machina" code and use Machina as support, to provide multiply blockers over long static links of opposite team, it worked really well to regain control over the cell. It was like good old times, were we had more than 100 active players + 200 tourists constantly moving and linking.

    It is good to use Machina for your advantage when you build fields as well, in the areas in the middle of "no man land" out of direct reach of "enemy" team, where Machina infestation provide shielding from blocking links. It just slow down the process, and you really need to explore area wher you build your fields, not just the portals you need to your fields, jumping over 20 km of the "non controllable" area far away from home, where no one play.

    In short, Machina is good, and provided lots of fun.

    And BTW, last few days most of RES strategic portals in hardly reachable areas was targeted by fake ENL accounts, (fields used to provide significant amounts of MU and allowed to RES win most of the cycles, first time in 3-4 years), just coincidence perhaps. Without Machina soon it will be one gigantic field over whole the area, or complete desert.

  • Thanks for the lively discussion on this thread. Based on the content of the discussion, I will be closing it for future comments. I appreciate your understanding.

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