This is the worst year of Ingress

Starting with the lack of global events accessible to everyone (apart from first Saturday and second Sunday, which are no longer considered events but rather a monthly routine).

An indie game has more monthly events than a game like Ingress with 11 years of experience.

The pay to win system, now you no longer need to hack millions of times to get a precious jarvis or ada refactor, or a softbank ultra link or hypercubes... EVERYTHING can be bought in the store. Kinetic pods ruined the concept of hacking for rare and valuable items.

The number of premium medals was 20 times higher than the medals earned from playing the game.

The implementation of the creation of fields within a larger field ruined the concept of fighting not to be covered by a large cape, of mobilizing to lower it and be able to play again and compete against the enemy faction.

The First Saturday codes are excessive, the hypercubes aren't worth anything anymore, I have close to 400 and I don't need normal power cubes anymore, one code gives me 25 hyper cubes, it's totally crazy.

Machina has benefited cities where there were one or two players but it has made hundreds of players leave the game who are annoyed by the links they cannot make. In the anime we could see that Machinas could make fields, at least that would have been better than just seeing Machina making random links.

And finally the price increase on subscriptions, which is not justified by the little attention they give to the game, the player base and the updates.

Possibly if I start to think more about the game I find many more things to add. Ingress has given me many years of fun, and to see it die like this, without the company even caring at all to promote it on their instagram "@NianticLabs" is incredible. There is not a single publication referring to ingress, but there are publications and stories referring to the game that failed in the NBA.

Every day I see less future for this game, if users raise their voices late they can see it die before being able to do anything.




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