July Second Sunday Mission Day - fixes



  • SysCopSysCop ✭✭

    The Google form needs to be reopened. It seems there are still a number of agents that missed the very limited window. I completed 6 missions last weekend but also was not credited with the badge.

  • xPBCxxPBCx ✭✭

    There was a google form? Neither i or my wife got a tick on our badge l. We had no idea that there was a special form we had to fill in

  • I did 12 unique missions on Sunday July 11 and I have not yet received my Mission Day badge. I learned about the form to report these issues after it was closed. Can this still be fixed? Wondering if part of the problem is that this will be my first Mission Day? I need the badge itself, not just a badge tick. Thanks!

  • @MntlDfct You should now have your badge.

    @TheCryptKeeper Your account shows receiving a badge tick.

    @sarasoliveira You should have your tick.

    @LillaMane You should have a tick.

    @Arjoh69 Your account shows having received a tick.

    @SysCop You should have a badge tick.

    @xPBCx You should have a badge.

    @LoonGoddess You should have a tick! (Also, HAIII :))

    You can confirm your badge ticks by either having a new badge for those of you who received your first tick (congrats!) and/or by looking at your MONTH stats!

    Thank you all for your patience. <3

  • Thank you very much @NianticThia

  • KimotuKimotu ✭✭

    Hello Niantic,

    waited till today for my mission day batch to increment. Unfortunately it did not happen. I did a 12 mission banner on June sunday, 11th.

    The chance to get my mission day medal to gold, was the reason to start playing again.

    IGN: Kimotu


  • @Kimotu Verified and assigned. Congrats on Platinum! (Apologies for the delay!)

  • So, I've been wondering when I'm supposed to get +1 on the MD. I Google the problem and find this. Is there a form I'm supposed to fill out for the badge too? How do I get my +1 on the event? I assumed it was going to happen automatically.

  • ChereqChereq ✭✭

    Hi! I've completed 6 unique missions but not earned medal. Waited a few weeks like FS-event medal before googled this thread and the already closed g-form. Sorry I can't post screenshot like photo or file because: "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links."

  • Hi Hi...

    I posted in the original thread, and I was waiting for a tick.

    It never happened and now I see that the other post is closed. I just found this one, and I see the form is already closed.

    I made time during my vacations to complete the 6 missions and I really want the tick.

  • I didn't get my medal and the form is shut down. How can I get one?

  • ZithrilZithril ✭✭
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  • DywaDywa ✭✭

    6 Missions done.

    Agent name: Dywa

    got Second Sunday medal but no Mission Day medal.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    You're two years too late for that 🙈 Starting February 2022, the event was switched from giving a point for the Mission Day medal to the then newly released Second Sunday medal. This thread is still from that time, but you'll no longer get a point for the Mission Day medal today.

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