Fix the fast linking issues!

I had it calculated but nooooo....

Seriously i can tell this server accepts linking out of order even tho i send in linking requests in order

Please stabilize this issue. Thank. You.

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  • If you want links to be created in a specific order, you have to wait for each link to be created before you press the button for the next link. We could do this for you by only allowing one link request to be outstanding at a time, but I don't think you want that - it would slow down link requests when you you don't care about the order.

    If I misunderstood your request, please be more specific.


    Niantic Henry (a dev)

  • Yeah did some bb to do, did figure ill do 2 links at a time, wait for ap popup, do another 2 rinse & repeat

    Gotta adjust & learn from experiences for next time

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