I want to be able to hide missions

I know there's a thread back in 2019 discussing this, but I want to resurrect it, because I believe it's a simple request. Let me hide missions in my profile. The only way to see the badge again is to redo the mission, at which point it's unhidden and inserted at the beginning of the mission list, just like it works now.

This need resurfaced recently for me. I have 907 missions under my belt. One banner has been unfinished for several years because a portal was inaccessible when I did the banner and I found out too late. It's nagged at me, like a pebble in my shoe, all this time, but I've done plenty of banners since then so I stopped thinking about it so much. And then, last month, it happened again. First portal of the second mission was inaccessible due to construction. So now all but 12 of my missions are misaligned. Grrr.

I realize that the holy grail is to be able to edit the mission section of the profile, allowing the user to hide, restore, and rearrange missions. That would be nice. But being able to hide a mission is good enough. Please.


  • Given the tiny amount of available development, I doubt "Because I want my profile to be perfect" is high on the priority list compared to "Find features that will bring people back to the game" and "Fix the damn lag".

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just do another banner and the incomplete will jump down, small problem u can live with.

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