Niantic has “organisational update”, closes NBA All-World. No mention of Ingress at all

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Odd to share something that doesn’t mention Ingress at all but I am concerned



  • Your first sentence is spot on. They are cannibalizing their own products...

    I don't see how any company would still want to work with them given their track record

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    Apparently the market for AR games is much smaller than niantic anticipated.

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    That is their biggest problem. If they had 1-3 successful or even semi successful games, then sold their now cruddy POI DB to other devs, they'd be good. They keep trying to over reach thinking, oh yeah, lets get all those basketball ballers to play a game on their phone instead of being outside playing the actual game, or lets try to make money off this or that franchise.

    Understatement. From my friends / co-workers / family members, those who play Ingress and actually want to go places and play are a very small amount. Those who play pogo, that's a bunch. But most of them don't want to go places to play. They want to do it at work, or home, or sitting in the car somewhere near home or work.

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    The problem is that companies across tons of industries saw HUGE gains during covid. People wanted to be outside, etc. Life is "back to normal" and those industries are seeing things flatten out or even dramatically decline. I ride mountain bikes and play disc golf, both of those are going through the same thing right now. It's like everyone just assumed profits would go up and up and up. Disc golf courses that used to be jam packed are now empty. Discs that sold out in minutes are now being sold at a discount because manufacturers assumed they hit the motherload. Niantic obviously fell into the same trap. Ingress is a ticking time bomb in my opinion, once the PoGo bubble completely bursts, Ingress is gone too.

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    The statement from John Hanke, shows the core of the issue

    Advertising only pokemon go is their only strategy. Which is sole reason why they've laid off so many people.

    Not advertising their other games

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    Brian seems to think that's our job. tell your friends and rank their game 5*...

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    Tell my friends to play this game with almost zero events with frequent lag, whilst they’re busy with a chock load of them in another game?

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    Well, they just admit it. Pokémon GO is the priority.

    That's the problem with Niantic, they went all in one by doing PoGO re-skins hoping they could get the same success. They just failed to understand that PoGO only worked because "Pokémon". There's a reason why Ingress is losing players, it's the same reason PoGO would be another dying game if it didn't has pokémon on it.

    It kinda looks like that John Hanke realized that. Let's hope is not another illusion.

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    No mention of Ingress because after 2024 Is done they will close the game is my guess, machina was a tool to stop people playing so they could close the game with fewer arguments.

  • joecainjoecain ✭✭✭✭✭

    Prime, machina, under-field linking, gear in store/carousel, etc.

    Plenty of things that have stopped people from playing.

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    The same can also be said for the majority of Ingress players. It's a small handful that will travel long distances for the game more than just once or twice.

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    Are you really concerned about this?

    I see you say and do a lot of things and bring up a lot of topics, but in the end you just think it's funny and don't seem to be concerned or expressing your opinion.

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    I did have concerns, absolutely. All the other games such as Pikmin Bloom, Peridot and of course Pokémon GO get mentioned by name, and then Ingress is left out of the announcement?

    Followed by losing some key Niantic folks such as Ethan & Dominik, and we know that events and any Niantic communication have been very sparse. Could have easily been in wind down mode.

    However, as shared by @mortuus above, we seem to be okay for now.

    As for funny, it helps with the impact of any bad news, so yeah I do try and keep things light.

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    Now starting to see main news sites post about it.

    BBC News states it was a 25% cut.

    Pokemon Go maker Niantic cuts a quarter of its workforce

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    According to his LinkedIn, Brian Rose was based in LA.

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    I definitely see Niantic oversaturating their own market like Guitar Hero and Rock Band back in the late 2000s. Niantic's competition is Niantic. I wish they had actual competition to their own games because it would lead to some nice innovation to making a better game.

    It's just what leads to a more solid gaming experience with Niantic games? I thought the height was Ingress, HPWU, and Pokémon because it didn't matter what interested you - your friends could be with you playing any of the games. You knew what the special POIs were. Pikmin Bloom is a nice step away from their usual games. I wish Catan came out but I think the company wanted to step away after covid.

    I feel like this AR/VR is at a crux. Google moved away from it, Microsoft pretty much has done the same, Apple is still interested with it but that VR set is going to be another Google Glass where interest will be niche deep. It's a nice pipe dream.

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    It's just what leads to a more solid gaming experience with Niantic games? I thought the height was Ingress, HPWU, and Pokémon because it didn't matter what interested you - your friends could be with you playing any of the games

    I have to very much agree with you on this @MoogModular

    They all had their own quirks such as the skill tree in HPWU, and there wasn’t a lot of overlap with events. For example, even on days where all three had something on the same day, you could balance it.

    Then for that whole day you’re still an active user of Niantic apps. Which seems like it should be a win for them?

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    Niantic were always busy trying to push new games, which would be played by people who already played the other games, with these games being the type that are forever games (can never really complete them) it's difficult to push that on the community. The community is the only thing keeping ingress alive, Every event in the event calender is community run. The events where people might spend money on micro transactions have vanished, my message to niantic is cut the pointless positions within the company and get a small team focused on the core games. Ingress could easily be a big player in the revenue if you'd put some real effort into it.

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    There is just so many games you can play at the same time. And community days that are on the same day/hour on multiple games doesnt work good really.

    Its good that we know that ingress will continue as usual but it would be nice if they would actually start advertise it a little atleast and start doing global worldwide events with badge, afterall the last one we had was in march i feel a gap about every 6 months is ok for those type of events and nobody can feel burned out doing them every 6 months either and it gets even the semi casual players a reason to play for a badge you can collect and profit is increased to probably.

  • ZeroHecksGivenZeroHecksGiven ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think quarterly would be better. Or maybe an event that can be completed over the course of 2 or 3 different days in a quarter. Waiting six months between events is, just….a lot…

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Yes it is but we dont even have badge event every 6 months i just used that as reference since we already got the q3 calendar and that type of event is missing so there went all hopes for that before we heading into november and its cold and grim in many parts of world and then we get the standard double ap and year 11 badge

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    I'd be curious to look back at the "golden years" of ingress to see how often they were doing events, medals or not. Mostly, I really enjoy the challenge aspect of events with a clear reward. Medal or not. Another reason I've been very pro-task system basically since I started playing in 2018ish. The day to day and tired out FS just isn't engaging for me. I know we can't do a huge event every other weekend, but dang, just need a little more here....

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    You can see last years Q3;

    and 2021;

    I think the “golden years” were very much Anomalies only. Which I guess they’re trying to recapture, but the players want other things too.

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    @Shottix , Niantic is shifting its direction to building an AR ecosystem that AR game developers and perhaps advertising will rely upon because of the data that Niantic possesses. Ingress will still be useful for expanding its AR ecosystem because of the portal scans submitted by some players.

  • joecainjoecain ✭✭✭✭✭

    The early years had anomalies, but they had them often and with more primary and satellite sites involved, including connected cells. This enabled many more agents to participate on site without having to spend a ton on travel, because the likelihood was high that something in the series was going to be relatively close.

  • TooLegitToExistTooLegitToExist ✭✭✭✭


    The price increase and nerf of remote raids is gonna bite niantic hard.... Thats their steady cash keep it flowing......

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