Rainbow XM plagues our vision

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@NianticBrian @NianticThia

It is that time of year again.

I support the LGBTQ+ movement.

But can you please stop taking away our view with Rainbow XM?

We should not have to make choices that make us all unhappy.

This Rainbow XM takes away the visibility of the portal itself.

I think this has been said for a long time.

Instead, we would be happier to sell new beacons like the BLM beacons and have Niantic donate to this campaign organization for each sale and number of beacons used.

Also, the Prime scanner is consistently flawed with very poor visibility.

The portal description is the worst visibility - dark purple on a black screen.

Even if you play a mission and come across a great portal, no one will read the description with this low visibility.

In a way, this has led to a significant decline in the quality of portals in recent years.

Maybe it will be another year, but this time please provide an alternative other than Rainbow XM that will take away everyone's visibility.



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