Evil Street Sweepers

Dear Niantic,

I love the game of Ingress but I am getting to a point where your inconsistency and lack of support drives me bonkers. Your most recent (current) mistake is that someone turned the street sweeper back on (after everyone checked that it was off) and many agents myself included lost gear that was dead dropped to help restock agents coming home from anomalies. When you first implemented this "feature" of 20-30 min decay times for dropped gear during an Anomaly weekend I didn't like it but I went with it as at least you were being consistent. Then someone accidentally turned it on a week or 2 before an anomaly by mistake and many agents lost gear intended for anomalies. The act of the street sweeper was less the factor that pissed me off and the straw that broke the camel's back was the support ticket person who stated that gear shouldn't be droppoed when there is no one to Immediately pick it up....im sorry I thought this was a strategic game should we not utilize avaialable strategies? That was the day I swore off buying Niantic gear such as frackers and swag and supporter packs. Now it's happening again!

Please tell me 3 things:

1) When will you fix the street sweeper so we can actually take advantage of your hack benefits?

2) What if anything do you plan to do to set this right to your community of agents?

3) What is it going to take for you to respect and respond to your player base as more than monkeys for your test platform?


  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭

    My suggestion is don't leave gear on the ground unless you really don't want it. How do you know it may have not been another agent driving by and saw it laying on the ground? If I was driving around with Ingress open and saw a capsule laying there I would pick it up and give it a new home in my inventory unless it was full of garbage gear then I would leave it and drive on. Even if I had an agent driving to my location I would not drop the capsule til I knew they were there. Only time I would return a capsule would be if it was from my own team. I might give the capsule back if it was the opposing, minus the gear that may be inside. Just like portal keys, don't drop them while key farming, place them in a capsule/locker/Qcube, otherwise is kind of your fault they got stolen or erased.

  • SonicgottSonicgott ✭✭✭✭

    I've seen a few people who lost gear to accidental sweeps. We do "dead drops" to specific locations to be picked up by agents at later points in the day. Personally I don't like doing that, and I'll only drop gear for agents that retrieve it immediately.

    OT: I always assume there's an opponent or another player nearby who will grab anything they see off the ground.

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