Multi Account cheating, will Niantic ever act on this?

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We have a multi account cheater in our area of Hokitika, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand.

He has more or less stifled the game by using his 7 green accounts and 2 blue accounts.

If one manages to snatch a portal he will simply use his accounts to take it back.

The cheating even goes beyond Wayfarer.

One cannot make a new portal as he will down vote it then submit it himself.

With absent portals, again, he will use 9 accounts against one's single account.

Gameplay on the West Coast of the South Island is governed by his cheating, he has blocked all play towards Australia, because he hasn't been asked if that can happen.

He has put blockers on that link up to Cape Reinga, the tip of the North Island.

I know how he cheats, because I used to be a team **** of his, but his constant need to cheat pushed me away.

If you have to cheat to win, why play?

He has told me that when he is investigated he simply says the accounts are his children's or families.

His wife and children don't play, they don't like the game.

Endless complaints to Niantic have always come to nothing.

I have become disillusioned with the game I once loved.

What is there to do?


All of these players are the 1 person.

These are most of his green accounts, he also has 2 blue accounts.

Currently **** is his main account, he will shortly change the name as usual.

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  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Keep reporting. Sorry but it sometimes works.

    Its extremally frustrating I know.

    We just had 2 perma banned account restart again after a restfull 2-3 years, one was banned for horrendous COMM abuse and the other for massive multi accounting.

    It took YEARS to get the multi accounters primary banned and now they just restarted....

  • wow, that sucks big time.

    Again, if you have to cheat to win, why play?

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    An example from my city. Agent **** plays and drives around the city capturing portals, we have never seen Agent ****, and his resonators are always installed on the home portals of the first agent. There are many such examples. There are a bunch of accounts that put resonators on one or more portals and that's it, they don't move around the city. Why aren't they banned?

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  • we have the same in Vilnius(Lithuania) 8blue(-1banned)+2green. accounts are used to up blue home farms or to destroy green home farms by installing nofarm modes, or to capture that home portals without ada/jarvis. whole blue team in the city is loaded in result.

    nobody cares, reports are getting closed in a few hours.

    What is there to do? i'm just not subscribed to it anymore.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    In short, no.

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    This **** has been reported multiple times for comms abuse and harassment of local players for a number of years. The man cries wolf endlessly, deflects from his own multi accounting behavior.

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  • GrnTyrantGrnTyrant ✭✭

    who does this guy FreeRangeEgg think he is, he wants to control people and their play in the game to suit him. You have no right to tell people not to link or block or any other factors in the game. Yes disillusioned your even an agent cause you obviously don’t understand the game at all. Bog off for everyone’s sake! Displaying agents names without evidence cause you have an agenda is against TOS ****!

  • GrnTyrantGrnTyrant ✭✭

    ….and let’s put this guy FreeRangeEgg rant in perspective. He was booted out of the team for his continued bullying and abuse, and for, trying to **** another agent who visited Hokitika one night over the game. This agent has been reported multiple times for his unacceptable behaviour. So take anything this bully says with a pinch of salt.

  • MJ78MJ78 ✭✭✭

    Cheating in rife in PoGo, which is why I have little time for it.

    Many avoid dual (or more) account detection by using numerous devices at the same time.

    What makes it worse is some of these dual accounting 'players' in Pogo also play Ingress.

    If they can blatantly cheat in PoGo, who is to say they aren't doing the same in Ingress?

    All they have to do is have two different Ingress accounts on two devices.

    A few months ago I was made aware of an Ingress account that shares the same name as a 'second account' in PoGo.

    On the surface this account appears to be dormant and inactive, with under 1k AP.

    However, it is strongly believed this account is being used as a backpack account for the player involved.

  • tp235tp235 ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, it is.

    The trend of cheaters with alt accounts in Ingress is also very different now than in the past.

    Cheaters who have been sneaky and evaded tracking for a long time don't seem to play PoGo as much, probably due to lack of stimulation.

    They also fly only alt accounts sky-high at Ingress and vigilantly protect their own accounts.

    However, the cheaters who have been flowing into Ingress for "M0re P0keSt0p" after OPR reviews and nominations resumed in 2017 use alt accounts very brazenly indeed.

    They don't even try to hide it at all.

    And as soon as they get to A12, they disappear from the field.

    But right after that, garbage portals are created one after another in the place where they were. LOL!

    Well, since this is an Ingress forum, I'd like you guys to think about whether this kind of Ingress play is possible.

    Just a quick topic of discussion.

    A12 with about 8.6 million AP, Hacker 5970, UPV 2850, SpecOps (Mission) 100, and Trekker 192km.

    These are the total results.

    How does a wise AG feel when looking at these achievements?

    I would consider there is a slight possibility of a speed-crazed Cargress AG if I had not played Mission.

    However, since he has accomplished Mission 100 times, another possibility is more likely.

    Many players will be highly suspicious of this player when they see the Trekker/UPV numbers.

    Incidentally, the agent with this achievement is real and plays an important role in the Wayfarer forum.

    Well, if an administrator who plays Ingress were in the Wayfarer forum, he would be suspicious of his track record and would not give him an important role.

    But the admin on the Wayfarer forum doesn't have enough experience to arouse suspicion because his profile is A3 but somehow only lit up with a bronze Recon medal and NL1331 medal that he got for free.

    And do players who cheat in some games play decently in others? I would say that many would not.

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