Impossible report for generical problem due to CAL

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Hello,illuminator95 and I have been trying to contact support for a problem regarding the CAL for two days: the player in question, illuminator95 , has been playing regularly for over a year between Bergamo and Milan (Italy). However, he finds himself limited by the CAL.

We have tried to contact support to report the probable bug, however, the support guys refer us to the CAL request.

If we then go to the CAL request we can unlock access to a single portal but our request is different: Our request is to get a general solution for the CAL problem and NOT FOR A SINGLE specific portal, however, the support only unlocks one portal and only for a limited period of time.

Since Illuminator95 plays regularly every day we don't understand how he is still subject to CAL restrictions, and why it isn't possible to contact support to resolve the problem.

Thank you


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