Probably quitting after this.

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I've just been told by Niantic that I am not allowed to capture a portal because it's CAL level is too high. The last time I had this problem, all I had to do was ask first and the restrictions were removed. Since I wasn't false banned for spo00fing after clearly they knew I was legit.

I'm not linking the portal for opsec reasons. There are 2 about a mile from it that are currently closed off. But the one I asked to capture you can literally drive up to. I linked to that one and gave the name of it to support. I planned to field over the ones I couldn't access using this portal and others on roads to stop the enemy from using them.

Today I'm told that I can't capture it and I have to play for an arbitrary amount of time in order to do so. They're literally asking me to wait a random amount of time, drive 2 hours and spend the gas just to find out if I'm not allowed to access them.

Im just glad Niantic didn't get a penny of the money I wasted on the signal booster, and that I cancelled my CORE before it could renew tomorrow. Between this and my area being unplayable, I'm saying goodbye to this game. Even if they say I can access the portal I can no longer trust them. The one escape from the utter hell that is my life has been removed. I'm literally disabled, can't work a regular job and likely never going to turn 35. Of course I have free time to drive to these far away locations.

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