CAL restrictions, will I fall victim to them?

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I own a signal booster. The portals I want to capture fall slightly out of cell service range, and are impossible to capture without one. I have just learned of CAL, and this scares me. I am level 7 and made this account about 2 weeks ago. I used to be level 14 but had to switch to a new account due to safety reasons and plan not to use that account ever again to avoid violating TOS.

I was able to interact with portals only open from 11-4:45 when I was L3 if that gives any info on my possible CAL restrictions (They got spoofed down once in 2021; I am pretty sure this is relevant from my Googling on this topic but never since), and took ones a mile's walk away from the nearest parking at L6.

The portals I'm going for have been used once for a spoofed BAF in like 2014 that took a month for NIA to remove (some spoofer got caught and pineappled multiple farms, then threw that field, pretty well known here) and are used for legit BAFs sometimes. Currently all of them are neutral.

I contacted Niantic to ask if I am restricted from taking them but IDK if they will tell me. Honestly going an hour away from my location just to be told I'm lumped in with cheaters would be enough to make me leave the game. I'll even scan the portals if cell service allows it.



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