Link between MACHINA and Dark XM?

I wanted to raise a point, a theory even, about the Dark XM and it’s possible relation to the MACHINA portals. They look very different to normal portals, e.g. neutral or controlled by the resistance or enlightened. I have little knowledge on Dark XM other than our scientific theory of dark matter or antimatter; where the dark matter exists as though a mirror to matter. If you touch a mirror or try to go through, the mirror You stops you. In the same fashion, should matter and dark matter collide, both are erased. If MACHINA is controlling portals with dark matter, it would explain two things:

  1. the abnormal appearance with no portal light, but just the pyramid base, blackened, with crystalline growths.
  2. upon hacking, your XM is drained, as dark XM collides with XM released to perform the hack, a chain reaction is started through the XM in the air around you in order to further empty your XM tank.

if you have further supporting or objecting theories, images, sources, rhetorical questions, or serious questions, please put them below. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.


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