Сurrent situation with large fields.

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Ingress has always been a game that forced to show intelligence. But lately I've encountered a negative phenomenon that has begun to spoil the game. These are big fields and players who play only for them. Periodically, I see agents (including on this forum) who like to cover with one proven scheme, and do almost nothing else. They really don't like machine because it overrides their traditional linking schemes. they really do not like the fact that now you can link under the fields, as this does not give them the opportunity to assert themselves and dominate. Previously, in some regions it was impossible to play at all because fields the size of a third of the African continent hung for months, but now the situation has begun to change for the better. For example, a machine has appeared that makes you think over new game strategies. But now, here and there, the cries of lovers of huge fields, who do not like all the latest changes, have become visible. On this, let's discuss the current situation with large fields.



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    Q3 2022 Status quo no longer works or shouldn't work. So long as Machina crosses links between itself and red/green that forces interaction.

    It seems rightsizing needs to happen as four months has shown there is something that needs tweaking.

    1. Cemetery and, seasonal portals as "bases" are a mistake.

    2. Getting the programming to see that may be beyond programming, but "picking on" BAFs over a certain MU or Sq mi size is a good call.

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    Back when I was proposing linking under fields, part of my suggested solutions to shift the gameplay was to use "MU burnout" zones which built up over time. You can only say the same thing to those under your mind control field so much before they start to question it and reject your truth.

    MU burnout: As fields are used more and more in a single geographic location, red (machina) burnout grids start to form. Using the existing grid of S-cells, add a value to each cell which makes the MU under it worth less and less per set number of checkpoints/cycles. Eventually, players will need to travel to new locations to find new MU to continue winning their cycle. This would give rural players a chance to be relevant every few cycles versus city MU. It would encourage exploration and not just doing the same thing over and over.

    You're absolutely right though, I believe the ability for people to "grief" large areas has been removed and the game is healthier for it. I think they can still work on tweaking the under-field max distance based on portal density in given cells to help smooth out play for rural folks. You could also maybe tweak the max linking distance based on the max area of the biggest field covering the area. Both may prove useful in balance.

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    Regional (cell) and global scores reset every cycle. A single cycle is further subdivided in 35 checkpoints occurring every 5 hours each.

    Thus, score reset is every 35*5 = 175 hours, i.e. 7 days and 7 hours.

  • I'm curious, what geography would stop a player from drawing a giant field?

  • MirthmakerMirthmaker ✭✭✭✭

    A mountain range where the trail portal is a pain to get to. Do that 2x times in equally difficult spots like mountain, island.

  • "Draw" being the term in a number of places where english isn't the first language, for putting up a field.

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    As far as I remember, you're not a social player and you don't want to play on a team. I also remember that you were removed from one general chat room on telegram because of your annoying behavior in that chat room in 2021.

    If you open up the Intel map around your town, you can see that there are other people actively playing in your town. But you don't play with those people, yet you want to play with an artificial machine.

    Maybe the problem isn't hiding in the big fields and the people who create them?

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    Oh. you're alive! The fact is that we have two types of players. The first type is tired of the monotonous game of triangles. The second type can do nothing but triangles. When the second type of player, like in the chat you mentioned, is offered drones, mines, new types of weapons, or even gameplay upgrades... Then a fight breaks out. Lovers of triangles very often cannot understand how someone can get bored, this is a dumb, meaningless activity from the point of view of the plot and the players of the first type.

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    @GreenVam, putting up a field in a rival-controlled territory with a redundant and unimaginative triangle can be daunting. One time, their bots even stopped my teammate from fielding. So, we went to Dallas and successfully put up the field despite being pursued by a band of rival agents because there were helpful agents in that area. As a token of our appreciation, we made a field art for them. The lesson of this experience is you go where you are appreciated and given assistance :)

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    Dear agent, I don't want to draw triangles anymore, I've been tired of them for 10 years. My team got tired of it too. Doing the same thing every day for a decade is tiring. We want something new, we want a full scale battle that unfolds in multiple ways. Remember World War II. There were large-scale tank battles, infiltrated reconnaissance saboteurs, and air support, and even artillery. And what is the most characteristic technology in this war developed and did not stand still like ours. The command of both sides regularly came up with new methods of warfare. What do we have? For 10 years, one way to fight is to draw a triangle larger than the one that the enemy has. As an intellectual, I really like ingress, this is a unique and only correct game in the open world, but its monotony and illogicality, to be honest, have already tired me, like many others.

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    What's your other team? Do you have one? Why do you speak for many people? You told me yourself that you're a loner player.

    Do you even have Onyx Illuminator? :)

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    There is one active smurf left in my city and a few semi-live players from my team. Most of the opponents are fed up with triangles, most of my faction comrades, too.

    But, I understand you, a player from Russia for whom even a triangle is now impossible to draw. 😝

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    Пару раз за эту зиму висели шикарнейшие треугольники :)

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    Your region has impressive and stunning field arts, particularly the green dragon and the unicorn. It does require a lot of creativity, planning, and coordination to get it done. It's better than ordinary and boring triangles, for sure.

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    Thank you

    It takes a lot of work and at least 200 people to create these drawings. The organizers did a great job.

    Were there any other drawings in the world that are harder to make than these FAs in Moscow and Russia?

    I see here that the creator of this thread is very happy about the shutdown of Ingress in our country. We'll get over it, but I'm afraid that the world of Ingress won't see this scale of drawings again.

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    Am I forbidding you to draw? No. But ingress is primarily a battle between two factions, for some interest. And we have trouble everywhere you look. The player base is falling, especially in small towns. If you are from Tokyo or New York, please be quiet, because you do not have this problem. You do not know what it is when there is not a single opponent around. The plot is in complete disarray, and yes, there are some players who play only for the sake of the plot, I also ask triangle lovers to understand that there are those who have a different style of play.

    And then there are people who are tired of the monotonous drawing of triangles for 10 years. And so on. Do you understand what I'm talking about? All agents are different, someone likes to draw pictures, and someone likes an active battle with an opponent. And ingress is, first of all, a battle, a battle that has long since ceased to exist. Why should enlightenment go into battle if even the developers did not give us the promised prize? Why go into battle with the resistance? After all, the shield around our planet has long been established. Oh yeah, if the shield is up, how did the Machine get in here? Dear story writers, can you clarify this?

    But alas, what I see and what our game has become is regular meetings on the first Saturday and second Sunday, mission days, competitions, and in some places drawing drawings or triangles. All! In most cities where I was now there are almost no agents. And it makes no sense to recruit new ones, since there are no opponents.

    Every newbie asks me a bunch of reasonable questions that I can't answer even after 10 years of playing. for example, why upgrade an account to level 16 or do recursion if it does not provide any significant benefits from the gameplay side?

    Even this forum has gradually become like a telegram group where only a few dozen users regularly communicate.

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    Призови сюда всю тусовку, никакора, какоклока, и так далее, так будет веселее. А то что это мы с тобой только вдвоем ведем полемику на этом интернет-ресурсе))).

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    Hey there's an idea. Let's make one big telegram group where we can talk about ingress.

  • VaskinCallVaskinCall ✭✭✭✭

    I have a census of Enl Moscow agents, there are about 300 active agents as of the fall of 2021, who were ready to participate in operations. Active players. That's a very incomplete list. These people played Ingress until last, they loved it. There were a lot of newbies who came to Ingress already under Prime. Most of them had a subscription. How many countries can you say there is so much interest in Ingress?

    That's just Moscow. There are other cities in Russia where a lot of active players played. These are my private stats only for agents of Enl, and there are also agents of Rez, where it was the same.

    Well. You yourself wrote in another thread that we weren't needed anymore.

    And now I see that Ingress is dying. And as I understand it, it's happening everywhere.

    In Moscow, it started dying before the game shutdown due to spoofers and Niantic's inaction. If you pick up old threads on this forum, you can see that it was the agents from Moscow who started paying attention to the cheating problem the most. Now I see that this problem began to be taken more seriously.

    Maybe it would be better for Niantic to think about what exactly was driving us at that time? What was it that drove us to go out into the streets and play? What was it that attracted us to this game? What did we have that we don't have now in Ingress? No, it wasn't the quest list event, it wasn't the links under the fields (by the way, spoiler, that's what stopped many players here, we played in spite of the Niantic innovations, not because of them), and it certainly wasn't the stupid artificial machine.

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    There are many such problems. The localization of the scanner in Russian and other languages is simply terrible. How many times have I talked to Brian about the need for a normal translation into Russian, which is understandable and used in the territory of more than 15 countries? I even offered him my assistance and assistance of other agents to create competent localization. I am a professional content manager, and we have people even with a philological education. And we could help completely free. But why does the company do not give a damn about it? How many times have we asked you to make at least a checkmark so that you could turn on the English version of the scanner on the Ukrainian or Russian version of Android? This is because the translation of scanner is just nightmare. What result? But there is no result. We would very much like to help both the creation of Ukrainian localization and the creation of Russian localization. Agents from other countries could also help make translations into their native languages. This would help to increase sales and help many agents who do not know the English language. So why is the company silent in response?

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    Each Ingress Prime player is different. There are others who like to socialize with other agents during IFS. While Other players prefer to play and level up rather than spend 2-3 hours in an IFS with people whom they don't have anything in common. Why force those players to participate in an activity that they don' like and would rather smash, field, or create artworks through field arts? This game can be so petty and toxic to the point players are not allowed to play in a particular area because they refused to meet other supposedly players from their faction. Unfortunately, some agents refuse to adhere to the Agent Protocol and what rookies can do is pivot. Then, Niantic and other players and communities are wondering why the number of Ingress Players are dwindling?

    @VaskinCall , I hope there will be a peaceful resolution with the current conflict with Ukraine and Russia. Maybe we can see future field arts created by your group and Ukrainian agents like this image below.

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