Dear Niantic - Being threatened with violence on the forums

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This is a message that hopefully reaches Niantic.

I am making this post, because another agent has called out "harassment" on your forums.

This agent has directed this post towards me.

In his post, he publicly states that he is at a brink of using violence against other agents, which is me. This was done one hour before he yesterday sprinted towards me full speed, screaming at me that he wants to know why I am "harassing him".

I find this very intimidating, especially because, as you can see in my reports against the player - that in the past couple of weeks, he stands outside my apartment building for an hour at a time, trying to intimidate me from continuing to play the game, and has also followed me all the way to the backdoor entrance of my apartment building when I have walked home with groceries.

I see the statement in his post as a threat towards me in real life. Yesterday I filed a police report against him for full-on sprinting towards me and screaming at me.

And now I see that he made a post on the forums before he charged me, where he clearly states that anything can happen if he meets me out in the playing field. Which I have also screenshotted and am thinking about sending to the police.

Please do something about this. This is not the way Ingress is meant to be played. I should not have to look over my shoulder when playing Ingress.

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    There are three sides to every story.. yours, theirs and the truth. But from what they posted about you "harassing them" it seemed like you were playing the game in the intended manor. Playing more than the average agent sure but they isn't breaking any rules or anything. I had an agent deploy and link out of a portal that was blocking a field I was trying to throw so I would take it down every time it blocked me. They told me I was harassing them and circling their home. I had no idea they lived near there because why would I? They were playing the game and I was playing it too. This same agent then followed me for an hour while I was driving and NOT playing the game. The hypocrisy in this game is wild to me and Niantic straight up does not care. I am sorry that you had this person charge you like that and I am also sorry that you simply playing the game upsets them so much. It is not fun when we have to tread lightly with certain agents just because they act like toddlers. We had to tell our faction to avoid that agents portals for atleast 24 hours of him deploying them unless they wanted to get threats made against them. I once took back a portal 56 hours after they took it and was told I "dropped everything and rushed out there to take it back".... 56 hours... again I am sorry but just keep playing your game the way you want, you aren't doing anything wrong.

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    Why should the person that gets harassed and yelled at get banned, u cant be serious ? they should ban whoever is harassing the agent. Ive had it happen at me also 2 times but sadly agent hasnt been banned where i play and others have reported too... not sure what it takes for niantic to react :/

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    I’m being facetious. I was more trying to say there are two sides to this story and it’s so interesting to see people post their stories here and then you find out later there is another side/truth to the story. I don’t have patience for it because I’ve experienced it and like I shared, had the police called on me because I caught the dude using multiple accounts. That same person had come on these forums telling tall tales of this and that, but the reality is much different.

    Why should I believe this story over the other story posted? Who is stretching the truth and who is harassing more than the other?

    And at the end of the day. Niantic can do so little to combat any of it. Even calling the police will do little as there is no way to prove the agent in question is the person associated with a police report…

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    First thing to be done! Go to the police and open a case against harassment.. second.. keep your distance if there is no way to solve it in an adult conversation. You have to understand that it's just a game and not a life and **** competition. See how many players have this kind of problem, and don't take an adult attitude..

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    its hard if someone runs towards u screaming what are u supposed to do

  • Physical harassment is a local civil authority matter. Niantic will probably only take action when presented with the police report.

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    Unfortunately, Ingress Prime seems to be a Pokemon-like game for adults that allows some players to act like toddlers at times and is allowed to get away by Niantic. Some of those agents don't get the results they want; they like to retaliate immaturely.

  • Thanks for reaching out, @ApatheticAgent! However, we are unable to review such reports here. Please submit a ticket via in-app support. One of our agents will take a closer look into this.

    That said, I'm closing this thread for future comments. Appreciate you understanding!

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