The Investigation Continues...

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Truthseekers; P.A. Chapeau here. Lots of new developments, and I've been struggling to keep up. For now, suffice it to stay that I'm migrating the Investigation here. The old site will still stay up, as an archive, but I'll be posting all new material here. Only I will be able to post in this subforum, but anyone can comment. If you Investigators want to post your own threads, please do so here.

Okay, so what do we know?

  • Nemesis destroyed the Simulacra of the 13 Niantic Project Researchers, and posted videos of their deaths
  • The **** videos disappeared
  • There was an Anomaly this past weekend called Myriad, centered around a Nemesis member of the same name

Who was present for the Myriad Anomaly? And what have you all been able to find out?

- PAC test

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